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About how long would it take to collect all the heroes if I dont buy any with cash?

Just wondering. Or is it even possible? I mean other than the newest one due in december.

It may be possible to acquire most heroes quickly, but some either need to be purchased or won. I’ve been active for approx. 2 years and still do not have some heroes (Jarlaxle, Pikel, Coriolis)

Obtaining all of the characters is simple, as there are events that offer them and they are gotten through renown as well. If the events align schedule-wise, you can get them all without any $ in maybe 4-6 months (again if the events that offer the newer ones are offered). I had only played for about 6 months before I had gotten all heroes including Pikel. The new one doesn’t come out “for free” until December.

I caution you however that obtaining all of the heroes is probably the worst thing to strive for in this game, unless you don’t really care about late-game mechanics. The more heroes you get, the more you dilute the potential gear pool of legendary items you’ll be receiving for your core characters.

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thanks, so if i have a hero i dont like, should i just not upgrade its gear? i assume u cant delete them

Well, you can choose to either upgrade their gear or not (most characters end up being pretty good eventually by late game). If you don’t upgrade then you’ll certainly save up on gold for other heroes.

But yeah you’re right, unfortunately you can’t delete/remove a hero once you have them in your party.

if you stop upgrading and the others get way ahead, will the lowby not get pulled into pvp battles as much?

You have a roster of heroes you pull from. The max is 8 characters, I think. Those you don’t like or are weak sit out and are not available for pvp.

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@Hoosier, while almost every hero is favored by someone, I would suggest avoiding the ‘J’ heroes if you wish to minimize your build. Very few players at my trophy count seem to include either Joppa or Jarlaxle on their roster.

[ Edit: Unlike others, I do not work for the developer. As such I am not obliged to promote the hero of the day or other unwanted heroes. Instead my suggestions are based on a recognition of which heroes players tend to favor. ]

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The assumption in these responses @Hoosier is that your goal is to maximize heroes for some distant end game rather than enjoy the variety they give to game play at lower trophy counts. Personally foe example I use the new character Coriolis to great effect in Heartcoil Deeps and also have her in my 8 man roster. I play the two “Js”, level 12s, alongside my level 14 characters also.

But to answer your question, yes, 6 months should just about do it. I bought Coriolis as did many others because I support the game. I didn’t have to. I would have received her as a renown reward sooner or later.

Warning: This is not politically correct in many circles for motives that elude me.

These new characters bring new dimensions to gameplay. They aren’t just shock and awe or more of the same straight up dps.

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Thanks all, appreciate the info.