About how updates should be announced


Recently with numerous updates Ludia has been pushing on the game it is easy to identify the new content and balance changes made BUT so far there have been updates wherein Ludia has not publicly announced and left us all scratching our heads why they did this.

These updates I’m talking about concern those that may cause negative player outlash for the gameif announced but nonetheless should be done so with proper reasoning if game sense.

One IMPORTANT change was the increase of creation for Epic, Legendary and Unique dinosaurs.

The community was enraged with this update because not only did it slow down progression of the game but it was added so suddenly without announcement or reason why it was increase in the first place. The dinosaurs needed for creating these higher tier dinos are already harder to come by so why increase it?

The second more minor under-the-table update was that some supply stops have been removed and/or changed. This in it of itself is not majorly detrimental at all but nonetheless should be made known.


They did say about the supply drops look at the bottom of the patch notes