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About instant charge & speed question

My rinex speed is 137, opp Thor is 127.
Rinex instant charge, stun don’t land.
Thor instant charge back, stun lands.
All Rinex attack options greyed off.
Thor goes again next turn.
Shouldn’t rinex go first after instant charged by Thor since its faster? Or am I missing something?

I think because since u used insta charge and didnt stun, and the op used insta charge too and managed to land the stun, it stuns you the next turn since both of yall used instant moves? Kinda like how the instant distraction works:
Suchotator lvl 14 vs lvl 17 w/ boosted speed
T1: Op used insta dist. and I use insta dist. too. The insta dist. sticks on the op, but not me since I used my turn to insta dist. it.
This prob dont make sense…

I read your subject as “speed queens” :rofl: because that’s basically what they are. Best speed or nothing

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Lol have changed the title thnx!

usually what I undestand is if a dino’s instant charge lands, it can go a second turn provided its already faster than the opp dino. Otherwise the opp dino will still go first after recovering from the instant charge.

Haha yea I would think the lvl14 sucho should be instant distracted by the lvl17 no?

When faster dino uses priority move and slower one stuns it with instant charge, faster dino is stunned for a turn. That’s because you already used next turn move. If slower dino uses IC and your use normal attack, even if your dino is stunned, still goes first next turn.

Right! thanks for the explanation. still trying to get my head around it, perhaps if I use some kinda simple flow chart, it may help lol

It doesn’t only apply to instant charge but also in general :

A = Faster Dino ; B = slower Dino

Situation 1 :

Turn 1
A - Use a stun move
B - get stunned for the whole turn

Turn 2
A - Use whatever move
B - Recover from stun and can take action as normal

Situation 2 :
Turn 1
A - Use whatever move
B - Use stun move

Turn 2
A - Get stunned for the whole turn
B - Use whatever move

Turn 3
A - Recover from stun and can take action as normal
B - Use whatever move

Your instance fits into situation 2 since Rinex is faster than Thor when they both use instant charge.
If Thor use Instant charge while Rinex doesn’t, it would be situation 1. Because Thor would be faster on the turn when it uses Instant charge.


Here gives you a clear understanding on speed and stunning moves.


wow thanks guys, for the explanations and metahub info :slight_smile:
I guess the confusion for me was in Situation 2 Turn 2, I though Rinex would recover from the IC stun.

If Rinex had used a normal attack instead of IC in Turn 1, it loses the attack (Thor IC stun success) and by Turn 2, recovers and go first.

I wrongly assumed it would be the same result if I used Rinex IC.

So because the Thor IC stun success, Rinex is stunned and loses an attack in Turn 2.

Whatever it is, as long as Thor lands a IC stun, Rinex either loses an attack in Turn 1 or Turn 2, depending on what attack is selected and providing Rinex IC stun fails.

I think I better stop writing, to avoid confusing myself further lol.

That’s right. That’s why I like using stunning moves when I am slower. Stun > Slow > Attack. This way I can make 3 moves without taking any damage from the opponent.

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Excellent explanation, @lcy and @Dennis_Lo!

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Thanks @John. I have 4 dinos with stunning moves in my team so I am familiar with the mechanism.

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I thought it was Slow > Stun > Attack

The order depends on the opponent’s dino. If the opponent’s dino is faster and doesn’t have stunning moves (e.g. Indor, but be sure that the delay of the stunning move has gone), then Stun > Slow > Attack, you will have 3 successive attacks if the stun lands.
However, if the opponent’s dino is faster but it has stunning moves (e.g. Dilorach), then Slow > Stun > Attack, otherwise it will stun you before you do so.