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? About level locked rooms

Okay I have found other posts about this topic but I need some clarification… What is the lowest level locked hero room? Is it 3? Also what is the next one 5? 8? I know from level 10 and up but i cant remember the lower ones. Finally am I correct that you can randomly get 2 hero locked rooms per challenge starting with sharpstone and up. Thanks for any info

I got a cori level 3 room and I have ran sharpstone 30 times and have not seen any other low level rooms on frostsilver I have her level 10 room but after about 3 hours running those 2 challenges ive only found level 3&10

What lvl is she currently? The rooms only become available as you level up. 3,8 ( I think) 10 etc.
And I’ve never seen a room for two different characters in the same dungeon at the same time… :man_shrugging:

Can definitely have rooms for 2 different chars in a dungeon. Just not at same place. For instance in light finger I have a level 17 room for vajra(at room 5) and 19 for Shev (at room 8). Usually seem to have 3 hero rooms, but I only seem to have 2 since I cleared one in heartcoil. Thinking maybe my third one is in fen,but haven’t taken time to finish unlocking it yet.

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Cori is at level 9 i just got her today. I found her level 3 room and after 50+ runs between sharpstone and frostsilver I have only seen her level 10 room. I thought there was a level 5 and a level 8 room I just cant remember its been so long since I had a room under level 17

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I’ve had 4 hero rooms active for the longest time - 2 in lightfinger and 2 in forestfall. I think 4 active rooms is the limit, since I just cleared one and immediately got a new one in a lower dungeon, and another when I cleared that one.

Ok well that makes sense ill just have to clear the 2 rooms I have in lightfinger estate to see if the ones I missed in the lower levels appear.