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About "Lobby is Full"

First of all, for those who are inviting me for raids and I don’t join, it’s probably because this is happening…

The game apparently considers any failed attempt to join as if the player has accepted and filled the spot, even though there’s no one there. So the only way to fix this is to recreate the lobby… And you should invite only the three people you want… If one of them fails or gives up participating, a new one will have to be created again…

Needless to say, this is extremely annoying and time consuming… Not to mention that it makes it very hard to join people who aren’t in your alliance or in a social media with you, since you can’t communicate and tell them what’s happening.

Please fix this asap.


Yup, that’s what I suspect too. Even failed request for one same person counts as one.

Not quite what is happening.

I recreated the lobby after someone was getting the full message. I invited only 3 players, that one player still got the full message.

Looks like it works better if you invite people one at a time and wait until each one has joined.

That too, but as Syg said, if one request fails for the same person, that counts and will also result in the full message

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I was just about to say something about this.
I’ve been invited a lot of times and I have not been able to join any raids. It sucks because it seems like I’m ignoring people. Can’t send a message.

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Yep that’s exactly why I wanted to make this thread. I am invited for raids every time I log in and almost always tried to accept it but failed… and I have no way to tell them why