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About miscalculations

Utasinoraptor: Same story like with Stegodeus before 1.5, which was more than a tank. It’s a raptor, so it should do what raptors do. Deal fast damage and die to tanks. It shouldn’t be able to kill a same lvl Stegodeus. The main issue is the instant stun, which allows you to deal 3x damage while your opponent is able to hit once.

I don’t even want dinos to be nerfed to the ground, I am just sick of all these “miscalculations” destroying the little balance the battles have.Dear devs, It really can’t be this hard, just stop throwing a dice which creatures will be nerfed/buffed and simply start playing your own game, this will help.

Which creature do you consider to be a miscalculation?


Well Utasino is a special case… It can sometimes take out tanks, but it doesn’t fare great against other raptors and things faster than it, especially if those things are immune. It’s not exactly a raptor battle-wise. It doesn’t get that reliable first turn pounce damage, and its speed is relatively low, sitting at 127, so its unable to deal fast damage to fast dinos. Yes, it is one of the best legendaries for sure, and perhaps it was a miscalculation and not how ludia originally wanted it, but imo, it definitely worked out and is not too OP, as long as you have the right counters. Although the slowing strike maybe was a bit too much…

And yes, I am a bit biased since I love Utasino, but either way, I think its just really good and not OP.