About Mod , Spin

Dear Ludia! I have seen many negative comments about the Mod system! Personally this was my second best update since i played! I think the booster system was confusing and preferred the opponent on most occasions! Now I have a chance to win if my team is right and the spinning system is the best at this time! (I didn’t play it for a while it could have been months) The second spin has been fixed with sponsored videos, giving you more opportunities to get better rewards! I think it is a pity to deal with negative manifestations and I would like to (all of you think) keep their good habits with a very positive attitude to game development! For me, if someone speaks about Android first, Ludia is involved in game development, communication and enjoyable gameplay!
Best regards : one of your old user!
P.s : many of us would like to see a Brachiosaur in Jurassic World : The Game !:slight_smile: