About multi-fusion

Hello all :slight_smile:

Today, we can now using multi fusion process, big gain of time. You can know fuse a lot without lvl up your dino’s, that fun! Also, it seems to get really less 10 at fuses when multi-fusion, that online me? We can have feedback about this theme here!


Results from four multifuses:

Legendary, 50 fuses, 1260 dna, 25.2 dna/fuse
Rare, 250 fuses, 6080 dna, 24.32 dna/fuse
Rare, 250 fuses, 5710 dna, 22.84 dna/fuse
Rare, 250 fuses, 5470 dna, 21.88 dna/fuse

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I’ve had pretty solid DNA gains with the multi-fuse as well. Followed by a long queue of 10’s with normal fusing for creating a new dino (doesn’t allow multi fuse there). Either way, too small of a sample to reach conclusions.

Aside from that, I appreciate the convenience features that have been added with this release, features that have been requested a ton of times. Namely the multi-fuse and separate teams for PVP, friendly and tournaments. Not a feature but, the-kick-out-the-Rat out of meta change arrived as well.

They do listen to people. Both the forums and the Survey results. The changes might not be implemented as often as the majority would like, but they definitely listen.

I did some multi-fuses on my new dilorach, was shocked by a 90 + the 4 other’s fuses, same got a lot of 10’s when creating a new dino.

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I got about 560 dna from a 20 bulk fuse which is average 28 per fuse.

Apparently now it’s better to save tha dna and do the multi fusions , it gives a lot better ones

Seemed like single fuses were terrible, mostly 10’s then I got a big’un.

Love the multi fuse, but you really need to think and evaluate first.

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Lol I just got around 50,000 dna from suchotar in one fuse


Surely that’s not possible. Max you can do is x250.
50,000 DNA split between x250 is 200. You can’t get higher than 100 per fuse so how could it give 50k?

Is multi fusing massively greater than single fuses now?

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Lol sorry meant 5,000

Ah ok that makes sense. If it was x250 that’s average of 20.

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What I love about multi fusing is not only being able to do 5, 20, 50, 100, 250 fuses in one go, but it also allows you to do fuses when you have more than enough DNA to lvl the creature. Whereas before you had to fuse the super hybrid to free up space for further fuses.


Lol yup I’m loving it

With how long it takes to level up your player level, could they round down from 17 to 15? Tapping to fuse DNA is still a pain staking chore. Especially when the hybrids require more than 1500 to level up.


About it, it’s amazing!

very bad for me. :roll_eyes:

50x fusion i got 900+ dna. less than 20 average. another average calc i did when fusing suchotator months ago, and it was more than 20.


I like it. Haven’t calculated average per fuse but it was always to time consuming and boring to sit there pressing the fuse button for an hour. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with this idea sooner. But…good job Ludia ! You finally did it haha.

Great cause now I have enough monometra to get its unique now if only had the coin and it’s other component to make it

Hopefully multi fuse will dispel the tinfoil hatters saying fuses are rigged by providing a much larger sample size.

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Why is it level 17? Pretty hard to get there without multi-fuse. The level should be lower.