About playing on PC and Nox Player


I see people using Nox Player and playing on PC is this legal?

Kinda unfair dont you think?


How is it unfair? The GPS location will still require them to move around in order for them to do anything.

So unless they can spoof a location don’t see how it would be any advantage to them.


Obviously, using Nox means spoofing their location so they can go and hunt wherever they want


This is absolutely disgusting and we want this to stop. There are streamers on twitch CLEARLY cheating and ruining the game for the rest of us, Paying players and free players alike.

I have been asking for feedback on this for days with no response.


They can not only select their location, but move at any speed covering entire cities in minutes. There needs to be a stop to this immediately.


I didn’t realize thays what nox was used for.

I agree, this does need to stop, maybe a check to see what operating system the app is running on should be implemented.