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About pop ups in the app

Hello everyone!

I saw a few hours ago that I got a pop up of Lovelink with a sentence and had the fire emoji. It said something like that has come and is time to open something (sorry I don’t remember it that good). Did anyone have that too? It is because of the new Valentine’s character that everyone is talking about?

Thank you, have a nice weekend :heart:

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Hey! It was about Austin Russo / Damien Jones being back.

I just got a message with gems in the app and it seems like the Valentine’s Day character won’t be available until 02/02. If that hint was anything to go by.


Ohhh thank you very much!! I was talking since yesterday with Austin but got this pop up today so I couldn’t figure out >.<

Thank you once again!! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the new character.