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About Postosuchus

I want to bring forth the lack Postosuchus spawns near me. I live in india and have yet to see a postosuchus in the wild. I request the devs to bring an event for postosuchus as i want to create a tryostronix.

Postosuchus spawns at night, dusk and dawn in locale 4. You probably aren’t in the correct locale for this month. Just gotta be patient.


Tryo is not worth the effort. Go for allosino or Alloraptor instead

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One of the most critical and easiest to obtain members of every Apex raid is “not worth it.” Noted. Good talk.


Oh yeah Allosino and Alloraptor are great support dinos for raids…

Not everything is about PvP arena.

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I was talking about pvp, but for raids it is pretty good

@Yashrox are you in a decent alliance?

Most good alliances will max out Posto requests and you’ll soon have one of the best raid dinos out there!

Seriously it’s one of the best raid creatures …
Plus it isn’t that awfull in PvP …I use it and used correctly it’s not bad .

Far from useless