About prizes


did anyone just got your prizes from tournament?

the tournament just ended, but I can’t find
anything in my mailbox…

is this normal?


It’ll take a day or two atleast.


Last time when the tournament reset happened, the prizes were given by the end of the week.

I am assuming here too, the tournament rewards would take some time to be handed over.


Jesus, we are truly in the instant gratification generation…


Do spoofers get prizes for being over 4000?


I got to 3200 so i wont be expecting a prize :joy:


It’s not that. Some people that made it and had 4k+ trophies are worried to battle now.


I’m not sure, but it can be:frowning_face:

but we will never see them in next one


That question has been answered numerous times now. Once the timer runs out, do as you please