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About repeated creature unlock battle event

Hi, I am having an issue with my account. Im getting repeated creature unlock battle event constantly. Like i already unlocked KAPROSUCHUS a few weeks before but I’m still getting the same creature unlock battle event again. I wanted to unlock MONOLOPHOSAURUS but i don’t have any chance to unlock it. Pls fix the issue in my account.

Thank you

Umm buddy hide that support key right there… also, it’s not an account related problem. Ludia keeps rotating creatures as unlocks, and set to specific levels.

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Everyone gets the same unlock creatures. It’s part of Ludia’s unlock rotation.

The creature i wanted to unlock was a rare item. Im in a higher level (say 57) for that. How can i unlock the creature?

Have to wait for a rare unlock week where Ludia allows everyone to unlock a handful of rare creatures regardless of how high your level is.

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