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About speed of 2 legendaries


hello, explorers.

today, I want to create a topic about
tryostornix and tragodistis’s speed.

first, tryostrornix is a legendary superhybrid
witch needs baryonix and postimetrodon.

they got same 124 speed,
but this superhybrid got 120 speed.

do you think it can be right?

second, tragodistis is also a superhybrid
witch needs amargocephalus and para.

it’s speed could be right before the update,
(para had 128 speed before the last update)
but, now it’s not.

they’re all slow dinos, aren’t they?

but trago still got 124 stupid speed and kicking
my heavy dealer’s asses!

this can’t be right.

ludia can patch these things…
but if they don’t, tragodistis will stay as
‘one of the most annoying creatures in game’.

but, I’m asking this to you.
you think their speed stats are right?


I completely agree about tryo.
With my postimetrodon, I’ve easily beaten its super hybrid of the same level. It should definitely have a speed equal to or higher than any of its ingredient Dinos… doesn’t make sense otherwise