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About the ability of father's day skullcrusher

I am wondering what would happen if the protected dragon is a singetail and it uses its ability while being protected.

You’d have to try it to find out, you can test it in the tryout

So has anyone tested it yet? I am a bit short of energy now.

I don’t use Singetails at all but I’ll say this; you need to have an eye for detail.

Skullpappy has awesome abilities, like a vacuum counterattack, but! His ability covers damage inflicted by the enemy team.

Singetails damage themselves as they fire. It’s self-inflicted.

Self inflicted means caused by self and not by the enemy

Therefore, Skullpappy shouldn’t be able to protect a Singetail differently than it does any other dragon

So, if you’re counting on Skullpappy to make Singetails useful…

I have doubts about it but I am not so sure. And I have another question. What would happen if purge or steal beneficial effect abilities hit the protected dragon?

I think ability1 works for damage damage. Not against other type of abilities casted to your team.

It shouldn’t work against steal, anti-heal, curse, enemy-takes-spirit-as-you

I just tested it. In the first try out, singetail did 240 damage to itself and then skullcrusher did 192 damage to the only enemy dragon left. In the second tryout after my scarbearer activated its ability, singetail did 254damage to itself and skullcrusher did 71 damage to each one of the three enemy dragons.

So you’re wrong about it. Well it’s frustrating that the damage is divided, and take increased damage don’t affect the damage dealt by this ability. There’s another problem. If both team has this skullcrusher, would both of them reflect the damage dealt by enemy skullcrusher and if so how much time it might take to complete this process?

Technically the ability is wrong if it “works”. It shouldn’t
Makes no sense right now

Singetails also are so armored it makes no sense to have the abilities they do, tbh.

I don’t know about this question… Gimme until tomorrow to think and test

If you read it carefully, it says every damage, there’s no mention of dealt by enemy.

I would get three copies of the dragon if the damage is not divided. But now I think I wouldn’t spend any runes on it.

I really didn’t think that “every dmg” makes it so undefined it could include Singetails’ self-harm. Anyhow…
I guess we’ll use it differently, for I refuse to train and Singetail.

I have other uses for the dragon :wink:

“There’s another problem. If both team has this skullcrusher, would both of them reflect the damage dealt by enemy skullcrusher and if so how much time it might take to complete this process?”

a) yes
b) can’t answer the “how much time” part

I do not understand what you mean by “dmg being divided”.

If you’re talking about abilities 1 and 2, ability2 boosts the whole team to strike better, including self. So yes, ability1 could strike higher if activated and weakest ally takes dmg on the next 3 turns. But if weakest ally doesn’t take dmg, no percentage is determined as dmg reflected by him and it doesn’t get amplified by the boost either; dragon only works for the team’s boost as per ability2 then.

After the weakest dragon take damage, it would transport to the skullcrusher, then the skullcrusher would hit all enemies. So theoretically it would be a loop of both skullcrusher hit enemy teams until something happens to break the loop. It might take very long time.

In the second try out, all enemies take 254x0.85/3=71dmg, because there are 3 enemy dragons. The damage is divided by the number of enemy dragons. I had previously thought all enemies would take 254x0.85=215dmg. This is what I mean by divided.

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I am a little curious about what other use of this dragon you have in mind. I think if you don’t use a singetail, you would need mockery or aoe attacks or counterattacks from enemy dragons to ensure the weakest dragon get hit. And presently the only one with mockery would completely bolck out the damage so the damage would be 0, unless it’s over time or lowering defense ability. And allow the whole team get hit by aoe attack too often isn’t quite a good idea. Counterattack? Well the skullcrusher has purge ability so that one is also a little hard to trigger.

Why does it divide it between all enemies is my question, according to the discription it shouldn’t do that.