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Hello J.C.
Just a personal query regarding alliance’s for your perusal?
Is LUDIA at any time in the near future going to establish personal chat rooms for each alliance so that the individual members of each alliance can contact each other with any queries / messages about their own alliance ( ie ) game in general, member requests for Dino DNA they may need ( due to the daily limitations of the individual alliance section on messages / requests for DNA etc ).
These individual chat rooms would be run solely by the alliance leader and a small group of moderators ( maximum of 1 alliance leader & 4 alliance moderators ) under the full guidance of the LUDIA moderators to ensure that these chat rooms do not get out of hand or breach the proper guidelines set out by LUDIA in regards to use of non compliance language ( swearing, abuse etc ).
If you could please reply as soon as you have read this or are available with some spare time on your hands it would be most appreciated thanks.
kind regards
JoeVolcano27 #6132

So if I can only have 1 recruitment post how do I edit it? Please and thank you

You just keep replying to your original post.