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Happens when I try to make or join a raid lobby

I had requested blue dna and when I went to collect the dna it disappeared and I got non of the dna

I cant start jw alive. I allways have error 10029 i dont know why(i have ios iphonexr) soneone HELP ME!!!

Hey Albert_Jakubicek, please send an email to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com. Our team would be happy to try and help you out.


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My PvP battles and arena battles are lagging and skipping so badly it doesn’t even let me pick moves or dinosaurs. I did not have any issues before the update. Please help

Antarctopelta just slowed my Indominus Rex Gen 2. Didn’t show on the stats, but the Antarctopelta gained priority on Superior Vulnerability.

Opponent-AI… Move Cooldown Cancelled After KO’d Dino Switch In.

A Familiar Bug Occurs In Strike Battles…
If An Opponents Dino Gets KO’d, Then The Players Dino Gets KO’d…
After The Player Brings A Non-Fainted Dino To Battle…
The AI Of The Opponent Unexpectedly Skips The Move Cooldown For Any Inactive Moveset Though This Is Exclusive To The Latest Update Of JWA…

Possibly A Timer Overflow Causes The AI’s Moveset To Reset Back To Active.

At This Moment…
All Strike Events Exhibit These Bugs During Gameplay.

Hopefully This Issue Will Be Addressed Sooner Or Later.

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I have an iPad mini 6th generation with 15.4.1 IOS. For the last week it freezes almost every time during the loading screen. If it does make it to the game, the game freezes before any play. I restarted the modem, I reset the Wi-Fi network on the iPad, and I deleted and reinstalled the game on the iPad. Please help, it’s my son’s and he’s really upset he can’t get a panda because of these crashes.

Just in PvP.

Phorurex up against my Testacornibus.

Pho used instant move (cautious cunning rampage) and it did the complete (100%) damage (not reducing it by Testa’s 45% armour).

Ok so some weird thing happened mid-match, My Ardonto was against an Anorougus group, they hit me and I had 765 something like that health left, but with the healthbar still there my creature just fell down and died, then the healthbar just disappeared, and after that I swapped into Indominus Rex, I cloaked but after that turn I pressed an attack button, but they attacked me and my dino didn’t attack, against the same Anorougus dino in THE SAME Match. It was mid match so was quite a surprise, so definitely investigate this.

Troodaboa’s “Ferocious Shield On Escape” & “Group Cleansing Fatal Strike” do not stack.
When Troodaboa’s On-Escape activates and the player uses Group Cleansing Fatal Strike within the duration, the damage remains the same as if Troodaboa received only one buff.
Group Cleansing Fatal Strike remains on cooldown, however only 1 Attack Increase appears on the Creature Status menu & in play.

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