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Never received purple sheep in mail

My game won’t advance from the initial loading screen since yesterday and I have good quality wifi
Please I want to continue playing!!!

Hey JoDas2720, could you remove your screenshot as it shows your support key? :smile:

If you’re stuck on the loading screen, try restarting your device and see if that gets you past it. There are also some troubleshooting from our FAQ here that could help:

Haha sorry. I took it down now :slight_smile:
I’ll do that. Thank you!!

It still isn’t working :confused:

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t help, @JoDas2720.

If you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, our team can investigate further to see what the issue could be and assist you.

Saturday scale search is incorrect. It should be multicolored.

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My Astrid chest isn’t registering, I should have got this time and time again and even rerolling doesn’t have an effect!

Have been getting the same problem with the scale search on the weekend, was only yellow, not multicolored

Sometimes my energy counter won’t have a timer above my energy, and gets ‘stuck’. If I close the game and reopen it, it will give me what I should have had, not a biggy but a bug none the less!

Enemy dragon health bars are gone. Invisible dragons firing.

Can someone in this company FIX THE DRAGON TEXTURES!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:
This game is one BIG lie. The dragon textures arent fixed at all. They are still terrible and i will stop playing the game if you didnt bring us the old textures… And bdw i cant join in the flight club. Losers… :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:


I found an issue today with hatching eggs. I had started 15 eggs to hatch to complete Fishleg’s duty (8 blue, 7 red) and when I went to claim them it opened the hatchery and they simply disappeared. They didn’t show up in my roster or count toward Fishleg’s duty. However, it still took all 150 of my eggs and 45,000 coins I used to hatch them.

Unfortunately it’s not something I could really screenshot but hopefully you guys can fix this before it happens to someone else and drains their resources for no reward.

Thank you!

Hello, I met several bugs and it would be fantastic if you succeed in correcting them :
*Sometimes the game close suddenly and I loose the battle in progress.
*I never won the runes when I open the first chest in the “book of dragons” when you gain your forth dragon of one family.
*but the worst bug I have is that since the update of the arena the game became unplayable. First it was very slow for all actions, it didn’t succeed in fiding me an adversary in the arena and now the elements of the gaming have disappeared. The page is empty ! I restart several times the game but the bug is still here.
Please help me !

I went from being in Bronze Three yesterday with with just under 1900 points to twice getting a screen that said “Season Ended” and dropping my point totals down to a Copper One…basically a 1200 pt drop. I’ve battles back up to Silver 0ne. But instead of having 3000 pts I’m a bit lower. Is this a normal bug cause I havnt seen anybody else mention this.

When fighting in the arena a message kept popping up over and over (screen shot enclosed) and at the end of the fight, the game said I had lost the fight when in fact I had won it.

I was at 16 hits left and the game froze! Restarted and lost the life

The alpha battle lost 16 of my hits when it froze

Played arena and wins
After going back to arena, my 5x win streak becomes 0
It was like i played arena then wins but was loss??
This happens 2 times now.

Since the game updated a few days ago, I’ve found the daily quests (scales, coins, etc) now have their opponent power out of order or some of them repeat. Most frequently the second battle will have opponents way up at 5000+ when the previous fight was under 2000 and if I manage to beat it the third fight will be back down at ~3000 like it normally is. I’ve also seen the second and third fight be the exact same dragon team with a power of 3170. This hasn’t affected special quests.

Here’s a screenshot of the coin quest I have right now.