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Bonjour !

Je compte faire un clan qu’avec des français donc si vous l’êtes, n’hesitez pas. (Je reviendrai sur le topic pour mettre le nom de clan)

I’m going to make a clan as soon as the update drops. I’m a 3257 team don’t know if that’s good or not

Hey guys! Just made a clan, Shadow Wreckers. For 4500+ BP, serious/ daily players, and are looking for a friendly atmosphere.

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Hey, Vikings! Join our new clan called “Haddock family”. We are looking for friendly people and also we want to be like a family. For sure you need to be 2500+ and very active to train your dragons to make us strongest. We are waiting for you!!

Deleted clan, since everyone is making them and I had no one.requesting so it’s been deleted . 🤷

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Join me at Night furys are born. Looking for daily players that are here to have fun. my power level is a little over 4000 so I’m no Slouch

Nobody is joining mine.
Mine is Pyrokinesis Dragons
Looking for 3500+ bp players but if your slightly below that, it’s alright.

Join Fenix Ita, not only for Italians. Everybody has accepted no bp is required, just have fun

Hello Dragon Riders! Please join my new clan “Blitz und Tod”. Everybody is welcome! Language is English and German.
Hallo Drachenreiter! Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr meinem Clan “Blitz und Tod” beitretet. Jeder ist willkommen. Die Sprache im Chat ist Deutsch und Englisch.

Hey I made clan called “For glory” looking for active players at least 3000+ for titan raids

Yea that’s good

How do you create a clan

So far nobody has joined, my clan is called “Bloodlusters”, and is based in Australia. Please join, it’s so lonely!! :purple_heart::dragon:

Would you like to join us?
Our Clan is called Dragonmanias Austria.
We play every day.
Language: german/english

You are very welcome

Hey everyone! We are recruiting new clan members! We currently have 12 active members and have been doing well in Alpha battles, but we need more active players to help us beat the higher star alphas! Spots are filling up fast…

Search for clan Antipodean Army, we are open to world wide players with a team power of 4000+. It is a requirement that you take part in ALL alpha battles. We are a friendly team, majority of English speakers. If you are under 4000 power but a daily active player working towards a strong team you are also welcome :hugs:

If you have trouble finding me, ping me with your deets and I’ll send you a request :slight_smile:


My current team:

Team I’m working on :boom:

Night and Light Furies are looking for active players to get down 5 stars Alpha’s

Draconic Intentions is a new clan looking for Vikings to join us as we grow. All are welcome!

My clan name is alphas guild
Active clan if u dont be active in a whole week you will be kicked and fight multiple times requires 2800+ pts to join