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hi there I recently post something about the value and stats of premium dragons for increasing some stats because some of them like reignstorm and magmadon are too weak for a premium dragon please i hope this stats on defending berk are increased there are 3 post out of this one talking about the theme. thanks.


I wonder if someone could tell me how to gain access to the new island to start clearing it? Thanks!

Which island are you referring to ?
Usually you can expand Berk to new areas by re-building bridges to them, which is possible only after completing other tasks or getting to a certain level.
Just tap/click on the start of the bridge and you will get more information.

Its Shellfire… I’m trying to get enough polished amber to upgrade but it’s taking forever . What are the steps needed to be able to build the bridge?
Thank you so much for helping me!!!

Well, I am not anywhere near to have 7250 vikings, so I cannot say for sure, but if I interpret the picture correctly, it seems the bridge to that island comes from the Gobber’s area, Brokk’s bridge is called on that side.

There is no shortcut to obtain the Shellfire; you need the max. (as of now) number of vikings on Berk, also 3 fully upgraded dragon statues (that’s 450 polished amber each - 1350 polished amber!) and any 4 effects statue - these are much cheaper, but you’ll still need to spend at least 160 polished amber for the cheapest 4, some of which are not very useful, so you might want to spend more than this to get the good ones (seasonal statues and the precision statue for Brawl/Gauntlet). That’s at the very least 1,510 polished amber needed to unlock the Shellfire, in other words a king’s ransom. I doubt any player has gotten it yet, unless they paid for it when it was available for sale.

One way to generate more amber would be to upgrade a statue to level 5 before destroying it, this will give you back more raw amber than is needed to upgrade the statue back to level 5. However you’ll need to be patient, because Eret takes a long time to polish a single piece, and 450 polished amber will likely take him over 100 days of polishing.

My game won’t work, I’m on a good connection and it still says that lightning storms are interrupting our servers. Anything I can do?

My titan uprising doesn’t work as well, it has the same problem.

I’ve a really been getting amber at quite an okay rate. I’m only at three Legendary dragons but I’ve got all three seasonal statues so far, two effect statues and the Monstrous Nightmare Statue, all at level one. I suggest using gauntlets. You can get quite a bit from them. Also keep an eye on Gobber’s Chores. Don’t pay for them! It’s better to wait than pay money. The Shellfire isn’t going anywhere.

Yes will take forever. Waiting for the summer statue, then will start upgrading. Have one at level 2 already. Wish you could trade other resources for amber. Have all other legendary dragons, and using journeys to find dragons to release for amber.

Hi all, my son and I have been playing this for a few months now and everything was fine until last week. For some reason he no longer gets the video option for speed ups, that includes trying to watch a video for free runes. Neither option has worked in over a week now. Anyone got any idea’s? No settings have been changed on his tablet.

Wish the rune vid would work!!!

Just downloaded the game

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You and me both.

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Okay, but sometimes while playing, the info box appears blank I wonder is the problem with the game or my system

Can you add the deathgrippers plz

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Uhhh, I have a problem, I have been playing for a while now, I downloaded the game on a rather small device so Im trying to find out how to move all my data from that device to the other, but I don’t have a Facebook account, does anyone know how to transfer it?


Hey there! Please contact our support team here: and explain to our support staff that you wish to link your account to a new device! As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Hope this helps!