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Hey Ludia I have seen that I can’t purchase the legendary dinosaurs on the creature glossary so can you do it and also can you add this feature that you can play with friends and you can create clubs that is what everyone would want and it would be cool if you add pvp on the boss event but otherwise its a good game but please do this I have not yet rated the game but if you do this I will give 5 star.Thanks.

No because this idea opens a new way to get yours or someone’s account stolen and if ludia could have added this concept then they would have added this a few years ago but they didn’t because jwtg isn’t a multiplayer game

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Ok but what about the legendary dinosaurs when you could purchase on the creature glossary?

You need to win creatures from the events

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You need to compete in events to unlock creatures. Some are PvE events others are simulated PvP (really against bots no actual PvP in this game).


This game is out nearly 7 years and they haven’t added a PvP mechanism so I am pretty sure there won’t add PvP or clubs also if they add PvP and clubs it will just be a horizontal version of JWA.

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