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One time I leveled to 8 and they give you a chance to get something for 9.99 and I paid for it and never got.


I don’t understand how matchmaking has been fixed. I just had two straight battles against lvl 23-25s. I don’t have a single lvl 20! This seems like a very one sided battle. I know I’m not the only one that this is happening to.

Tapjoy is a giant scam
I wasted alot if time completing tasks
Got rewarded for 1 out of 6

Ludia support- oh, too bad. Cant help you
Tapjoy support- sorry, you provided proof, but we still arent rewarding you!

Tapjoy is a joke. Dont waste your time

This is Ludia… my friend.

yeah…similar thing happened with me…!!!

Does anyone know what determines how often epics will pop up for you in regular game play, not counting event epics?

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Guys I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question but what are the best boost setups for testa?

How do you get to level 10? Sell your first born?

To be honest Ludia Did such a great job on this game, it’s really cool, the graphics are out of this world. We should show appreciation on how much work and time and effort they put into this game. I give it 5 Stars :smiley: .

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banana! I am amazing!!

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