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There are people cheating on the battles. 3 or 4 times when I was battling. I had a dinosaur that was twice as powerful as theirs, and so was my other dinosaurs. Although they got 6 or 7 attacks to my 1. They took out my entire team with very little damage from my 1 shot I got. Please fix this cheat.

에러가 발생해서 투슬리스 신뢰 점수400개를 받지 못했습니다. 신뢰 점수를 주세요.

Any reason why you couldn’t be helpful and maybe give those email addresses in this post so I don’t have to keep searching around your forum for them?

make sure to send your support key

You can also contact support directly from Titan Uprising:

  1. Tap profile icon located top left corner
  2. Tap Settings tab
  3. Tap Help & Support button
  4. Tap Contact Us located top right corner

Hi so I have been trying to get a 5 star’s dragon by the incubator using two 4 star’s dragons and it has already been two weeks that I have been trying each day, twice a day. I’m playing titan uprising since a while and I hoped you could help me to find a solution. If you need it my username on the game is Urmom ( and it’s not a joke ) and I’m member of a clan named : « Valor »
Thank you for your help