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Dear Ludia! Any chance of getting JPB update in the near future, because there was no update for 2 years!? Please keep in mind that the number of facebook likes almost doubles of the Jurassic World, moves bigger camps! Personally, I prefer JPB as well. I do not think there is no new idea in your backyard! Actually, over 2, 9 million people are waiting for your next step in the game! Please reply to this post, do not let the player close to 3 million!
Thank you: László Kovács, old Ludia player!


So true! Although this game seems dead, I’m sure there are many players out there who still play JPB. We really need an update to keep us engaged with this amazing game. Update ideas could include but are not limited to new dinosaurs, battle arenas for aquatic and glacier park, or daily missions for coins, food, fangs, and bucks.


Ludia please update this game we need new creatures and features


Creatures we need Indoraptor, Argentavis, Stygimoloch, Dire wolf, Longisquama, Pterodaustro, Archaeopteryx, Machimosaurus, Therizinosauridae, Microraptor, Quetzalcoatlus, Stethacanthus, Liopleurodon, Gorgonopsia, Styracosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Oviraptor, Gigantoraptor and Irritator.C mon Ludia we love this game don’t disappoint us