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They’re ALIVE in our world!


Como puedo hacer para crear una obicasion de suministros


Having so much fun on this app! Out and about “Working” with my business partner and CLOSSESTOFASSHOMIE and it doesn’t even feel like work! Side note: My F. Raptor is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! BRING IT GUYS! -S.:shark:


Woops. Posted a loss screenshot.


Hello there people freddy here


You know how on Pokemon they have a Pokemon call that let’s u call them to u. There should be a dinosaur call that we can call Dino’s to us. And not just commons either rares and epics to cause I love this game but I live in a small town I have 3 kids there’s not alot of Dino’s here and I can’t go anywhere alot because of my children 2 of them are special needs and require me around. But I love this game best games every made I just wish it was easier to get Dino’s and didn’t keep freezing


Looks like you are getting your wish with the introduction of scent capsules to the game coming soon to bring dinos to you…


When will we have dimorphodon? I see one in the loading screen but not in the game…


Probley in the next update and will probably be legendary or epic


Yeah!! But it will probably take me 3 month to get it in my small town…


How often do you see Erlicosaurus? I’ve lost him for a few months!


there’s a typo here! Should be “its” not “it’s.”