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Something I think would be cool would be to add in the Carcharodontosaurus in the game, and if you can with a unique animation. Also just wanted to mention that the Allosaurus mode (no offense) looks basically nothing like the Allosaurus. Allosaurus is my favorite dinosaur so it was just a little pet peeve of mine. But otherwise I love this game and it is amazing.


I would like to mention one feature which is the rotation of buildings and decorations.This will enable us to manage our jurassic world more efficiently.If you can please add this category in your next update.


A new model would be great for a few creatures, such as Euoplocephalus and Carnotaurus.


I have also always wanted this feature, as some buildings look awkward when trying to create streets and boulevards.


Dear Ludia! I am very happy to be a member of the Jurassic community (Builder and now the World) for 3-4 years, I would like to give you a tip for the game now I think of the Jurassic World, the second spin after the winning battle is not possible now because there is no sponsored video and / and Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus have only 2 fingers on their hands, which is not really real! I suppose you are working on 1.25.1 or some other version I would try to give you ideas to make the game even more realistic and even more enjoyable! The size of Carnotaurus and some dinosaurs does not correspond to the parameters given by paleontologists! I did not want to be intrusive I just want the best game in the world for Jurassic World Android / Ios / Mac / Ipad! Absolute favorite developer team at Ludia :))
Sincerely, László Kovács is an old user !
Postcards: Be nice to the many posts if there is a chance to reply to the other players on facebook, thank you so much!


Dear Ludia,
Can you make it so that there is a system implaced on the custom trades to get creatures that you dont have and aren’t in your market and on Christmas day could you make it so that the limited tournament creatures pack is free for 48 hours.




I feel like the gyro sphere drafts are way too hard the one with indominous recently added is very challenging and going into a gyosphere draft feels just like waste of bucks now I’m hoping for th end level to be easier since you got far conserving your usage and being cautious just to encounter 3 level 55 indominouses
Edit : well too late now wasted all my bucks thanks ludia:rage:


I would love to be able to rotate the buildings!!! I hope they fix that.


I have also always wanted this feature, as some buildings look awkward when trying to create streets and boulevards.
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