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I love Dinosaurs they are my favorite things ever

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Indoor raptor is my favorite dinosaur

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like it or else

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my favorite dinosaur is a Baryonyx

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Man I need t rex
But I just am not a high lvl

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Hahaha I just got omega 9 and It is stronger than t Rex or gen 2

How would I be able to unlock common dinos from event if I’m in level 61

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Hi @Andrik_Jaime, welcome to the Forum. Here’s a Thread that might clarify some things for you regarding unlocks. Do give it a read and let me know if it was of help. :slight_smile:

If I’m in level 61 would I be able to unlock the common event dinos in the market.

Further down the linked Thread I’ve provided notes regarding that.

Where is it at

How can I contact ludia

In this :arrow_up: post I’ve linked a Thread named “Jurassic Base Creatures Listed : In and Not In Rotation.” From there you will be able to know more of the unlocks.

Will we be able to unlock the common dinos in the market from the events this week


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just beginning give me some tips

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Read everything in this thread and all of the linked threads:

Might take a week or two but you will have gained a wealth of knowledge to help you in your game play.

And welcome to the forums @SpikeJavi25