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Welcome to the forums, @SpikeJavi25

uh guys my level 30 T-rex killed 3, 275 damage raptors is that good

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Welcome to the forum @Dylan_Cane

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It doesn’t matter what you defeat and who you used to defeat it, it will always be good.

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this game is really fun im level 999 what about you guys

can vip be for free becouse me and the_monsterverse_fan wants the t-rex

Welcome to the forums!
And I think you meant Level 99, right? Because that’s the highest level you can be for now.
And how are you level 99 and not have a T-Rex? I mean, you can unlock it in a battle stage, I’m curious to know…


sorry thats what i ment to put in my keyboard i guess i pushed another 9 sorry my mistake

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my son had my iphone 12

my money on my iPhone does not work im suppose to got to warehouse to fix it or buy another with cash

Trex is unlockable via battle stage 54 so how can you not have it?


i sold the t-rex

You can buy it with DNA as you’ve unlocked it.

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i know that but that t-rex looks stronger than the one from the dna

hey i can give you my gmail

Every single t-rex will be the same strength. Only if you level one up more than the other it will be stronger.

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i know that 2

I’m curious. Why did u sell the trex


Lydia could you update models for some creatures, some like the Triceratops look really good and detailed but others like the Titanoboa just look weird and not realistic

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