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Any tips for me to push my levels and get better dinos ???

Welcome to the Forum! Listed here are Threads you could go through depending upon which aspect of the Game you would like to know more about : Forum Topics : Quick Access


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I wish they added the E750


Weolcome to the forum @Morgan_hartshorne

I made up an idea!

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I think you’re on the wrong forum, buddy. This is JWTG, not JWA. Welcome, though! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you please add clans or something like that

Well we have alliances in Jurassic World Alive and this game is coming to its 7th anniversary unless it’s already had it and there hasn’t been clans at all. Clans wouldn’t work on this game. This game has always been a single player game. PvP isn’t really PvP it’s actually against an ai

Yeah i knew that they are bots for years but can’t they give us communication with other players

Link to a great amber explanation.