About the special ability of St. Paddy Toothless

Although there is try out, I am presently out of energy so I can’t go on and try to find out myself.
So about enemy generate bonus spirit, if say enemy toothless use its ability, would that acceleration count as bonus spirit? Or only when against something like valentine light fury would it be helpful?

In the entire Try Out there are only 2 dragons that allow you to test the ability of St. Paddy’s Toothless, namely Skywarden (the Mini-Boss in Stage 6) and The Frosty Sparguard (Mini-Boss in stage 10).

Honestly, they should’ve put loads more Spirit Gen/ Spirit Gain dragons in the Try out so you could actually test the ability to its full extent.

Anyway, Till now I’ve only fought against Skywarden and yeah Acceleration does count as bonus spirit.