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In the battles I wish food and coins would be removed, it’s all I seem to ever get. I can get my own coins and food by collecting off my dino habitats and buildings.


I have some new hybrid ideas for the game:
Scaphosaurus: (Scaphognathus+Allosaurus, Jurassic Carnivore Hybrid, father gene being Allosaurus)

Pteriacodon:(Ophiacodon+Pteranodon, Jurassic Carnivore Hybrid, father gene being Ophiacodon)

Keledon: (Kelenken+Smilodon, Cenozoic Snow Hybrid, father gene being Smilodon)

Sarklyptodon:(Sarkastodon+Glyptodon, Cenozoic Snow Hybrid, father gene being Sarkastdon)

Helikosaurus:(Dakosaurus+Helicoprion, Aquatic Surface Hybrid, father gene being Dakosaurus)

Podría ser mucho mejor el juego

Sería mucho mejor si, implementaran Rankin mundial, chat en línea, poder comprar mods y en cantidad deseada en lugar de que se a la “suerte”, es muy irritante y aburrido tener que tomar mucho tiempo para conseguir el solicitado. También sería genial agregar el multijugador de Jurassic Park, sin tener que esperar cierto tiempo para poder acceder al siguiente enfrentamiento, se puede solucionar usando la IA para emparejar jugadores y hacer el minitorneo sin contratiempos.

Ludia/ Jurassic world the game here is just a idea could y’all consider changing the wait time to hatch certain creatures in the hatchery than main ones are the ones that take 6 days and 23 hours this is definitely a long time maybe y’all could make it where the longest time would not exceed five days just a idea that I think everyone would be happy with thanks

could it be possible to get the game to say and or help with pronunciation of the dinosaur names as i am trying to get my son into the game. He asks questions but cant pronounce the dinosaur names.