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Photos lose many diamonds and very few recover by talking to a person or with daily diamonds, increase the amount of diamonds won, it is not on a whim, but in reality there is very little to be gained.

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I started to play today and I think that it is really nice to play. I find that there’s a lot of different people ans they talk to you a good amound of time each time.
You do not need to pay to play, and there’s no pub which is nice.

The big problem that I see is that you need to wait to be able to swipe people. And even if you swipe everyone, not even half of them will match.

Fun to Play, but you need to wait soo much that I might give up in a few days.

Please fix the glitches. I’ve had Seth stuck on active for ages, I can’t do anything with the chat, and every time I enter it to try and unmatch (that fixed the same glitch with William) I can’t do anything so I have to completely close the game

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After a few days, I finaly dont want to date anyone else, so not a problem.

Now I have 2 “problems”
1- its hard to gain gems and an answer can cost so much, I need to choose only one or two guy for who I’ll keep them😐

Why are half of my match “taking a break of lovelink” ?? I have like 12. It was okay when it was like 2 or 3, but now all my favorites are gone. And I REALLY want to know what happen with Seth and OZO.
Can you do something with that? Might be a bug so I’ll try to find an email and join them ASAP to continue the Seth story😭

Will probably give you update in a few days.

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This is happening to me. Do you keep getting an error when you open his chat and then the app restarts but that doesn’t happen to any other character?


I haven’t, it just completely freezes the game

I’m having this exact same problem with one character! It’s bugging me to the 10th degree

Last update.

I talked with the team by email and 2 or 3 days after, the people that were taking a break without explanation were back.
Same thing for Seth (the Guy with OZO) : my app crashed for like a entire day each time I tried to talk with him, but the day after it was ok.

Since that, all of my matches are now taking a break for real (but with an explanation).
It is hard to keep an interest when I can’t talk to any of them - and I’m not even able to get a new match.

It really liked that game but I might delete the app in a few days if they don’t come back. I have already lost interest for my matches.

Whatever, for the 2 weeks that I past on the app and the forum, you made some greats changes and I’m sure you will have succes with this game. Listen to the people on this forum and it will work.

Thank you for your good game, your good updates and your good team. Thank you for your help by email.

Don’t give up, it is really a nice game!

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Yeah I have the same issue, but with Hugo Hornsby