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Ok so far. Needs a way to dump incubators from arena.

Really enjoying the game. Would be great if you could sort your dinosaurs by the different stats as it would make it easier to choose which ones you want in your team.
Can be quite laborious clicking on each one and trying to remember which was fastest/strongest etc.


How about either placing the “TIPS” info in a different spot or perhaps create a page that lists them all? The half second they flash on a screen usually isn’t enough time to read & comprehend more than the first 3 or 4 words.

How about a Q & A page too.

I would like to see these updates in the future.

  • Please get rid of the monthly VIP fee system and go free-for-all with better in store purchases
  • Ability to name dinosaurs
  • Teams
  • Search option to battle friends
  • evolve boosts from epic or higher incubator
  • More special events
  • Team/Community events
  • Upgrades to drone weapons and fuel system

I think you should have the option to battle friends as well as random people

Apart from what I’ve suggested before,I think you should also add daily missions,especially about tournaments as players may not have time to go out and catch dinos everyday!

Can you give girafa titan a hybrid he has really cool model and I would love to do more with him I play this game almost every day I love it keep fixing bugs Ludia thx for the game

There should be a trade system for DNA you don’t need or want. I have far too much DNA of dinossaurs that I dont need for anything and I keep getting more of it in all the incubators. Maybe get half the amount of DNA in gold, cash or a higher rarity of Dino DNA, it could be random I don’t care. As long as there are more options for this DNA than wasting my money levelling up dinossaurs i’ll never use, like the common stygimoloch or dimetrodon.

As long as its good for something, please. Thank you

How about being able to collect dna from the animals you battle and beat? Say 10 dna, the looser looses those dna the winner keeps them.

How about doing a tournement for alliances so the alliance can work as a team.

The amount of battles won in the alliance goes towards the over all ranking score…?

How about the possibility of bringing in the Cenozoic era as well as even the prehistoric insects, or even just the aquatic dinosaurs, there are tons of unused potential for many additions to the game and it can add so much more variety to everything

WHY IS THIS FORUM ONLY FOR ONE GAME??? IM SO CONFUSED, WHY NOT HAVE IT FOR A PLATFORM OF GAMES,. i.e, TWD Alive I need to talk to my team but can’t. I could on here. Not stuck on that stupid dino dna game. That I love. It’s not stupid.

Great game but according to me the daily mission DNA should be given according to levels or there should be a choice of choosing DNA by spending some coins with it bcoz same DNA doesn’t help to make other dino. Thank you

After finished darting a Dino it would be helpful to see the number of landed darts and the number of direct hits along with the total DNA collected.

We need ceratosaurus and albertosaurus. Make a hybrid out of both of them☺️