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Stuck and bored
I’m kinda stuck and getting fed up with this game. Basically all my dragons, 4 stars and 5 stars need training. I have more than enough scales but can’t get any duplicate dragons I need. I’ve tried breeding and I spent money trying to buy some. I can’t get any further in the game because I can’t level up my dragons and they’ve gone as far as they can. So basically I’m going around in circles doing boring easy scale levells and games as egghunting etc. It bores me to death and I’ll pack up this game soon. It’s a shame because it was so much fun. But if it’s nearly impossible to move on it’s no point to continue. The xp takes way to long to getting higher as well.

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I may suggest that you should reduce the time amount of the energy in the clan because 4 hours are too long, beside I think that everyone wants to defeat the alpha as soon as possible. May be you should add some rewards to the ones who have contributed a lot to the clan they’re in, I think this is may be a good or bad idea, well, I do not know what other opinions say.

May suggest that event dragons be placed in the book of dragons/ training pen until the TP level has been reached? There too many dragons taking up valuable roster slots yet can’t be accessed for battle. Not to mention that the seasonal dragons are stuck in limbo until the next holiday comes back (ie Halloween, Christmas…).