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About the Tortoise/Turtle

Hi the tortoise (can’t remember it’s proper name atm) has a 9 times visit to collect dna which is ok but I got it once & it is showing 5/9 which I have most definitely not visited it 5 times? What’s going on please???

Did you dart anky/amargoceph? The attempts are cumulative for all three


Like what @Professaurus said, you have the ability to dart Carbonemys, the turtle you were talking about, or Amargocephalus and Anklyosaurus nine times. You can dart them all three times each or only one all nine times, it depends on what you want, you don’t get nine attempts for each. It all stacks.


That’s why I have specifically ignored anything that isn’t Carbonemys.



I made a special effort to go out today and get some errands done, while looking for Carbonemys.

Across two cities I found FOUR. That’s it.

What was also nuts is that not only was most everything Amargo or Ankylo, but about a third of the green event supply drops were EMPTY. No dinosaurs, when they could have contained a turtle.

Why on earth are any of them empty, and for the length of time that they stay that way?!

So yeah. I’m finishing this weekend off without even half of my available 9 chances completed, because of plain old bad luck :angry:


Same here! :wave:t2:
Been walking through my hometown yesterday, then drove 200+km with the train to the city where my university is and now I‘ve been walking and driving many km again and got 3/9 so far.

Amargas and Ankylos everywhere and many empty green spots. Nice.


Same here. The only time I had to go hunting was a few minutes’ drive, and all I saw were Amargos and Ankys. I managed to get a grand total of 1 Carbo from the drop right by where I live, but at least I have it unlocked now, so time for some sanctuary grinding I guess.
From my experience, the event drops cycle between dinos periodically, taking longer depending on the rarity of the dinos. Even if you don’t dart the current creature, it will, after a certain period, disappear, leaving the drop empty for a while before the next creature in the cycle appears.
For example, the pattern I observed with my home drop was Anky-Amargo-Carbo-Anky. Different drops start with different creatures.

I really don’t see why the drops should go empty for any period of time, besides directly after a darting session.

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