About the VIP..Give it chance


Okay. So I went for the VIP. Maybe only once as I consider it pricey. Here’s what I got today. For my $9.99 + tax…

Incubator that had the following (opened kind of fast so…the following is close)

12000 coins

Some cash, 50 I think

Darts…just a few. However when you hit the VIP supply drop you get tons more money, coin and darts.

8 Dino’s to create leveled to at least 8 with the DNA
.: jumps up and down I now have a Utahraptor! :.
More range on the drone to reach Dino’s, however you still have to get closer to the Supply drop to get the stuff

Will keep you posted but this is what I got to start with and it does explain why I’m battling some more powerful Dinos in the Arena. I ran into some 8 & 9 levels that kicked my butt. Is it worth it, not sure yet and I don’t know if I’ll keep paying this much all the time, but it did give me a good starting point to launch from. Check back in around July 4th and I’ll be at the end of my first month. See you then and happy hunting.

I’m happy with it and it will give me a really good start so we’ll see how things go from here.


The only good thing is the incubator everyone now can get same supply drops with the 7 days of Dino’s but really who cares about spins or darts I always had enough before the monthly plan again incubator is worth the money but that’s it . They advertise that you get dino bucks for spins as a member but I’ve only got 10 dino bucks out of 150+ spins it’s click bait like offer…they could improve a couple things. Don’t get me wrong the incubator is amazing I’m hoping we get it every month when we pay that fee!!!

DinoLord the one and only!!!


I have 2 houses, and they are both on top of supply drops, Iv must have done 500+ spins and never got any cash only darts and coins, no matter how many darts I get I can only hold 140? And why can’t you buy the event incubators with Coins instead of just cash since supply drops don’t seem to give me cash, total bull crap,


Yeah, I know what you mean, I usually only get $3-5 even with doing “extra watch spin” prior to going VIP I very rarely got any cash from the spins…however I’m seeming more spawns with rarer and less common Dino’s, which is nice and more Dino’s all around. Not sure if it’s developers tweaking or if it’s the VIP status yet.
Happy Hunting!


It’s funny because after I posted that I went to find Walmart for the crappy spin and got another crappy spin lmao but on the way back I did probably 30 spins and hit 10 free dino bucks twice but let me remind you that’s out of a couple hundred spins probably all together. Also the watch movie selection after spins at stops stopped working yesterday but I’m gonna see if they foxed the error yet!


If VIP was $5 a month id buy it for the range increase alone. $10 is competing with my Spotify/Netflix/Hulu subs and just isn’t worth the value for minor bonuses in a mobile game. Adjust the price and I’m all in.


There needs to be a little more incentive for VIP or keeping the VIP. As the above person said, it cost almost as much as Netflix or Hulu. Make it so VIP radar range is bigger (allows further away dino detection and supply drop pick up), do 50% drone range, increased dna dart limit, or weekly rare incubator with monthly epic. Right now there isn’t much reason to keep the VIP after you get your rare incubator


It’s terrible not even on the cubes are they any better. It needs serious upgrades, given it a bit longer b4 cancellation


Sorry but I have given it a chance, auto renewal is off as it stands. It does not represent value at all. Yeah got an incubator, but I’ve had that and it’s done, no more. So all I have is a bit more range.

If they improve it, it will only ever be as little as they believe they can get away with to keep the majority hooked. They’ll do that as we’ll likely be pegged as ‘spenders’ and they want more than the VIP out of us each month.

End of the day, it’s the payers (us) who keep it free for everyone else! I’m ok with that, so long as the rewards are worth it, currently VIP is certainly not doing that.

They have time to fix the issue though, I’m sure they have read the hundreds of posts on the subject and hopefully have a plan. If not, I’ll play without VIP.


Yep VIP beng cancelled after this month
$15 here in Australia!!!


Okay, so it’s been a week. Still getting a feel for the VIP thing.
Got a T-Rex (EPIC) in the AMC drop. Wondering if anyone who is NOT VIP got it in this drop?
VIP is giving me a nice edge because I’m getting more darts (I suck at darting…so) and coins in SD spins and I get more Cash than before. Still noticing more and better spawns in all areas, but major players in the larger parks.
The developers have put a lot of time into improvements and effort into listening to us so for a good start I’d say at least a couple of months it will help especially if you’re just getting started it’s worth it. I plan on at least a month or two as they have a long-term plan for this game being around and there’s nothing else like not tied to a gaming system. (And yes I’ve played POGO…was not impressed, they could do a lot better).
Happy Hunting!


Yup, auto renew cancelled. Not even a statement or post that they are looking into improving VIP.


VIP does not bring significant benefits for me … with exception of one incubator … I don’t wanna pay monthly for nothing … I’m going to cancel it


I’m not VIP and I did get the T-Rex Epic from the AMC drop.


Cancelling as well. Not only is it not worth it, but they’re actively driving the game into the ground with the BS overpriced incubs. The arenas aren’t even fun to compete in anymore.


I’ve updated an to be honest I’ve only had what was in the incubater.i don’t wanna pay for something I gain nothing from it I’m paying monthly surely there should be something if there was I’ve not seen anything.also I always have the same dinos on map I think I to will cancel