About the vip rewards


Hi, just wondering i got the monthly vip subscription, my question is, do i get items in a daily basis or the items i get are once a week or once per month, hope you guys can help me


You get one incubator in the beginning, there that stops. So you don’t really get any more ‘items’ in terms of incubators.

All other VIP benefits (extended battery, range and extra spin) remain. Extra spin makes sure you’ll get 50 cash a day (max cap).

You will get special deals left and right in the store. Mostly cash deals but lately not a lot of deals have been presented so im not sure how this is working out. In the first weeks we had at least a weekly deal and more.


Where do i get the extra spin?


On supply drops you have one additional spin.


Hi, can u connect JW Alive, with Jurassic world… VIP


No you cant ( connect them )


What when you switch to VIP, you have to use a different account and APP ?