About these Alliance Championships

Let me preface this by saying that given what is happening in regards to COVID-19, and other general real life problems, such things should always take precedence over playing JWA, or any other game for that matter. Because of such circumstances, it’s completely understandable for any players who aren’t participating in the tournaments because they have legitimate reasons for doing so.

Bearing that in mind, I’ve got a bit of bone to pick with any players who are simply choosing not to participate in the tournaments at all now. Before these Alliance Championships were a thing, I could understand players not wanting to participate, and I myself was among them, whether it was the RNG having it out for some players, to people simply not having enough time, feeling the rewards wasn’t worth it, etc., etc.

But, now that the entire alliance can get rewarded at the end of each month depending on many points the alliance manages to earn, I simply cannot fathom any reason outside of anything related to real life problems why players refuse to participate and do so much as the bare minimum needed to get points on the leader board. And I kind of find it a little infuriating when I see members of the alliance always asking for DNA in the chat room, darting dinosaurs, and doing basically anything else in the game that shows how active they are.

So I want to ask: in the future, would it be possible for the leaders and officers of each alliance to decide which of their members would receive the rewards handed out at the end of each Alliance Championship? Because I don’t think it’s fair for the players who haven’t contributed in the slightest to the Alliance Championship to benefit because of the other players who did contribute (unless, again and I cannot stress this enough, the players’ lack of participating in the tournaments is because they are dealing with real life issues).

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Tell them its required to participate. And seek active members around the community.


My entire alliance is really active, but I’m honestly tempted to kick about half of them for not participating in the tournaments. If they don’t change that around in the next two tournaments, I’ll run this by the alliance leader (I’m the only officer) and try to get a consensus.


Sorry but I disagree. You can require members of an Alliance to be active and contribute but you can’t force them to participate in tournaments if they don’t want to regardless of the reason.

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Just kick them


It should be that top 5 or 10 get 10% or 25% more rewards and members who don’t participaye get 50% less rewards

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So any players who stand to be benefit the most from these Alliance Championships whether it be from the free DNA to potentially getting two new Epics, a new Rare, and a new Unique to bolster their lineups and help them progress through the PVP Arenas and/or Tower events should get a lesser reward than they could have received because some of the other alliance members just didn’t feel like participating?

Sounds pretty selfish to me, tbh. :man_shrugging:

Are said players participating in the Alliance already? Do they work towards the weekly goals, donate DNA and help build up the sanctuaries?

Kicking people from Alliance or denying them rewards otherwise just seems rather draconian to me. Especially as the current tournament hasn’t been the greatest at how Alliance points are generated.


Any alliance that tried to force me to use the cesspool PvP I would leave in a heartbeat.

Now if it was made clear upon joining that you were required to do PvP fair enough, thats an alliance rule, but to kick someone based on how you think they should play the game? Thats a no go in my book…but then again its not my alliance so, Yeah =)

In my alliance’s case, yeah, they do contribute in other aspects. Which is why I would rather not kick them and would preferably have them receive nothing if they refused to do the bare minimum of just entering the tournament and taking down ten creatures, which isn’t much to ask. But if it continues to be a problem that’s holding the alliance back and the other vets and the Alliance leader agree to it, I’m not unopposed to kicking players who have no legitimate reason for not participating in the tournaments.


But who determines what is as you say a legit reason not to PvP? For me a legit reason to avoid Pvp is because i found it rage inducing, that’s a perfectly valid reason in my book.

But again I dont think anyone really has the authority to question another players gaming habits, thats really their business.

Also its an alliance, it builts up and works together an each individual own way, some might PvP, others migjt hunt a heck of a lot and donate.

Kicking ppl kinda goes against the idea of an alliance working together, and is counter productive if it turned out that you kicked a good contributor.

And ask yourself, are the little extra rewards worth harming others in your alliance? Its an alliance remember, not a Totaltarian regimes.

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Entering the tournament literally takes 10 seconds, no raging involved. When they even don’t do that? I surely would kick them myself without any good reason…


The Alliance Leader and Officers determine what’s a legit reason. And I’m pretty sure most, myself included, would be pretty ok with members not participating because of a family member’s death, serious health related issues, internet problems, job hours, or literally anything else that falls under the umbrella of real life problems. Because, as I have repeatedly stated, those take greater precedence.

Outside of that, I apologize, but there’s no relevant reason for not doing the basic bare minimum. I agree that the PVP is rage-inducing at times, but that’s never going to change, so if it’s genuinely that big of an issue, why bother playing at all?


Look at this way. If ever single player who was eligible for the tournaments just entered the tournaments and took down ten creatures, and did absolutely nothing else, they’re at least guaranteed close to 1,000 points.

If there’s 50 players in each alliance, that’s almost 50,000 points per tournament. By the end of the month, that means everyone gets the tier 3 rewards, which is guaranteed unlock for the Epics and Rares offered for the players that don’t have them (and then some), free 250-500 DNA for the players that already have unlocked them, and then 50 Unique DNA. Which, for the players who don’t have the Unique, means they’re at least a fifth of the way there, and for the players who do have it unlocked, it was basically a free Fusion without sacrificing the necessary coin and DNA for it. Plus, there’s an additional 1,050 DNA

How could anyone NOT want to put up with the PVP’s crap, just for that?


Well the reason people play This game is for fun and entertainment, so if there is an aspect that is rage inducing it would be a bad idea to do it, its a game not a job, you dont have to put up with stuff you dont like lol.

Oh and as for why bother playing id you dont battle? Well some players are hunter, some collect, others battle…I personally was a battles so when boosts unbalanced arena and made it stressful I did indeed quit, this was back in patch 1.9 launch, but I stick arpund on the forums coz I like this community :grin:

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This is something of an issue in my alliance too.

It takes very little time to enter and take ten dinos down over a three day period, and costs nothing. So for me it’s inexcusable not to bother if nothing else IRL has got in the way of doing so.

If your alliance is a team that aims for a goal that has certain requirements, and you aren’t happy to do so, then leave the alliance and find one that suits you. It’s not rocket science is it?

I see the logic of the op, but if half the alliance don’t compete, then the rewards are half those that would have been there if all 50 played. So denying the lower rewards for those who didn’t play is fine but also the 25 that did play only get half what they would have got if the rest played.


I can’t agree with giving the power to divey up rewards but I do think its wrong to not take 10 minutes and enter and get your 10 kills. Our alliance had to have a chat and make some sad but necessary personal choices (still in process actually) because we had 12 inactive people. I know not everyone like PvP but it’s part of the game and part of being in an alliance (including helping with the weekly rewards) and its wrong to make a few people carry all the burden. Play for incubators during the week and take a few minutes to get 10 kills in the tournament… its about everyone not just you


People can probably guess where I stand on this …

Ultimately it is up to the Alliance Leader to set the rules and requirements of the Alliance (with the help of a number of key players if they so choose); there are a multitude of Alliances out there from the very relaxed to the uber-strict. Players need to find an Alliance that suits them and how they play. If you don’t like the rules then leave - simples.

There can also be mitigating circumstances - if someone is constantly getting top contributor in exploration tasks then maybe you can cut them some slack when it comes to defence tasks - again, that is up to the Leader.

With regards to the Championships I don’t think there is any excuse (except real life issues) for members not to enter and get 10 takedowns (if this number goes up that may be different) for the good of the whole Alliance. However requiring someone to create and level one or more alt accounts to get additional rewards is a step too far (while that is even still a thing). Again though - that is the Leader’s call.


If you can’t be bothered to spend a half hour to join a FREE tournament and get the minimum 10 takedowns for your team, you aren’t a team player and probably don’t belong in an alliance.

Definition of alliance

2 an association to further the common interests of the members specifically

I was the leader in my alliance, we had one member state they were diagnosed with C-19 and wouldn’t be able to play actively for awhile, they were excused. If no one else had a legitimate excuse, they got kicked.

It really isn’t much to ask of your team members each week.


@Stiffeno Entering tournament means clicking battle button under tournament menu. No need to battle, to get entry medals(points) awarded. Two of 4 tournaments are skill, so lvl 26 creatures no boosts. How hard is to get 10 takedowns to earn another 1000 more points awarded. That’s about 80% of all points earned by top players. Yes two tournaments are advantage (real lvls + boosts), but even there you can get those 10 takedowns. In worst case player will need an hour to get that done if has low lvl dinos. Those small alliances will have hard time reaching 50000 points for first reward without those bonuses from most players. Tournaments are separated from arena.

There is no excuse for not entering tournament, which takes 10 seconds. Players should at least explain why they can’t do those 10 takedowns, when they can request exclusive dna.