About these Alliance Championships

An alliance leader has a right to pick and chose who to join there alliance as well as kick out. Not everyone is in the same situation because of this epidemic and just sitting home with nothing to do. To place everyone in this category is unfair and insane.

While I see where you’re coming from, I think it places too huge a burden on the leader, could make some members fearful and reduce their enjoyment of the game, and also isn’t objectively fair. It’s hard to be totally objective in judging who deserves what, and certainly there’s no “standard” that every leader or alliance would adhere to. Plus however pure your intentions may be in this, you know that someone, somewhere, would use this to punish or unfairly take personal feelings out on others.

The Championship system rewards alliances that have good teamwork and communication and are willing to band together for the best result. While it might suck to lose some players who are good in other areas, as I said before, simply requiring the press of a button and a handful of battles over three days is not a huge ask for even mildly committed players (though it may take a few rounds to get everyone on board). Even those who hate battling can make this minimum contribution without too much effort, and since the tourney retains high score, they’re not even losing anything (aside perhaps from pride/temper) if they lose some battles for the good of the alliance. But this is where good communication with all members is crucial, and that is something Ludia doesn’t make at all easy within the bounds of the game.


Fair enough.

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Doesnt matter the effort needed to enter, if someone hates PvP, or rather PvW (Player vs Wallet) then if they wish to avoid it, what if they only get an hour or 2 to play? Should they spend an hour of that in stress? Nope, their gaming experience there choice…again, unless they specifically joined a PvP alliance with set participation requirements m, but then in that case I’m sure they wont mind.

It’s literally 10 seconds to get about 720 points. No playing involved, just enter and leave.

The 10 takedowns for 1,000 points might be 20 minutes. But the first 720 is 10 seconds.

10 seconds.


Entering tournament don’t require battling, just clicking battle button to get entry medals which counts as points for alliance championship.

If player hates PVP, then can take a moment or two to tell and explain that to alliance leader.

Though I don’t understand why player would keep playing this game if hates PVP.

Half of the tournament is like old arena and like friendly battles without boosts. Actually half of tournaments are friendly battles rules with selected creatures.


@Persianking44 100% agree. You should join my alliance. I’m the leader. Not playing = not staying. Participation bonus required at minimum. Ranked 36 right now. I need to bring in more motivated battlers in general especially tournament ones.

“Kicking ppl kinda goes against the idea of an alliance working together, and is counter productive if it turned out that you kicked a good contributor”

You’re contradicting yourself.

If they aren’t participating in tournaments then they are not working together and are being counter productive.

If you’re the leader, you make the rules. When Ludia introduced boost everyone had to use hem because the game changed. If you didn’t you struggle. In the alliance the game changed when Ludia made championships. So rules change too.

In my alliance if you don’t do the bare minimum of participation bonus you’re out. It’s not too much to ask. I will find you a new home within your other teams and get you into a casual alliance. I will make room for people who want to contribute.

Firing darts and collecting dna isn’t doing much for the alliance. That’s a given you will get exploration complete. We are finished now. Defense is where the teamwork is. Everyone needs to battle and everyone needs to open incubators. Now everyone needs to do tournaments. Why should they sit there and not do it and get full rewards as top contributors when they say I can’t beat boosted Yoshi I’m not playing. Bye. I’ll get someone who will try and if not score points gets battle done.

OP is 100% correct. Alllaince championships are a team effort. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and if majority of players are on lockdown you have plenty of battle time.

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Oh I thought you meant battling, if its just clicking enter ok fair enough coz that’s not PvP lol

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Not really a contradiction becuae they are contributing in the scope of how they play the game.

Imagine going to a theme park with friends, you have a limited time and you are dying to ride the rollercoaster, but your friends tell you, that you gotta ride the Bumper cars for half the time your there…would you listen? Or do what is fun for you?

Again it’s an alliance where players group together their gameplay and help in their way, the leader may have formed the alliance but they arent a dictatorship, they are meant to lead by example, and forcing things on others is no way to lead…again, with the exception of hardcore PvP alliance where PvP is a given.

But for the run of the mill I think it’s unreasonable, and btw hunting is contributing, some players hunt 10 tines as much as others, which takes a good chunk ofbthr mission progress.

But wheb it comes to getting kicked for not PvPing, If I was forced to PvP with i wouldbt stick around long enough TO be kicked lol, but that’s just me =P, I have been known to be a little…forward and confrontational lol, though not out of malice, simply principles =)

I’d probably find better friends.


An alliance leader is the leader. A leader is a manager you run the team. You lead by example. You hold the team together. You make the decisions best for your team. If I paid the coins to make the alliance then I’m the boss. Want to do it your way? Go make your own alliance.

My alliance is a hardcore alliance. I expect my team to participate in all aspects of the game. Sanctuaries, exploration, defense, and tournaments. If everyone gets the rewards everyone need to help. No dead weight.

I have a few leads in my alliance. I run things by them and ask for their opinions. I make the rules and I ask if it’s fair. Everyone is open to voice their opinion and at the end of the day it’s my alliance.

The theme park and friends is completely different. If you went there and the theme park told you that you had to ride bumper cars it wouldn’t be fair. Your friends telling you that have no option to tell you what to do.

Alliances were made for everyone to come together and work together on TEAM GOALS. Not helping the team is not a team player. Go find a casual alliance. TEAMWORK is what alliances are for.

Would I have 10/10 for going on 12 weeks and have 3 level 20 co-op sanctuaries without teamwork?

If my team was like “I’m making my own sancs and doing what I want.” We wouldn’t have this stuff. Matter of fact I’ve kicked plenty for doing what they wanted to do and going against the team goals and rules.

I might sound like a jerk but I’m reasonable and my team is solid. We have all sorts of channels on our alliance discord and cut up and still hit goals.

Read my story. Journey To 2 Level 20 Sanctuaries & 10/10 Missions


Well since you have a hardcore alliance I can understand your reasoning, I ecen mentioned hardcore alliances, but I still dont like the idea of kicking for such reasons in general.

The alliance I ran (2nd one) we could have pushed for Rank 5 (back when 5 was highest) but I explained to the members that I didnt wanna turn their fun into a stressful grind job, so opted that it wasnt worth stressing my members for a few extra rewards that ultimately dobt matter anyway due to boost imbalances lol.

But to each his own, but I do disagree about the leader thing…as a leader I always seen myself as a figurehead, as opposed to a ruler.

I suppose its all down to perspective and a matter of opinion, but personally I lije to think of it as a bunch of players doing their own thing uniting under a single banner, as opposed to like a government with bosses and such.

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Btw I don’t think you are a jerk, just passionate about your view of how the alliance should progress =)

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@Stiffeno all good man. Just a friendly discussion of opinions. Not trying to attack you or anything for your views either.


Understanble, just thought I would clear that up coz some of my posts (ok most of then haha) come across as passive aggressive in text, state of mind and tone doesnt translate well in text, specially on Ludia forums xD


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100% agree about text coming off in a different manner than how you would actually be saying them verbally lol.


If you can’t be bothered to play enough battles to get the 1000 pts. for your alliance… Then do your alliance a favor and leave. Go create your own so your laziness does affect other people who deserve to get the rewards. I’m a jerk about it, competitive alliances need participation. If you can’t provide that then there are plenty of other people deserving of the rewards of a hard working alliance.


I think the way I would put the whole thing is: the requirement to stay in the alliance is get your 10 takedowns done for tournament and arena.

Now if a player cannot accept.that after being in an alliance where other rules like 20 battles and 10 incubators daily are in place then that player should be talked to then removed if they want to effectively leech on the Championship rewards.

What is being asked is 10 to 15.mins of your time to get 1k plus AP for the alliance good.

That is not a lot to ask. Especially in Skill Tournaments.


I run my alliance as a democracy. Well representative democracy. I have my inner council to discuss the matters of the day then we have a discussion in the main chat.

I opt to talk and state my views rather than cudgel players. Unless they are unreasonable. I have 1player who is 0 AP for 2 weeks. Is active. Cant contact him. That player has already been marked for removal by the majority of the alliance based on a vote.we held on the general principle of not doing the bare minimum.