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About This Creature - Honest Description

Instead of complaints, I thought about some honest creature descriptions (mostly based on their actual game description) and decided to write them down just for fun. So, here it is.


One handler called the Indoraptor “the stealth stupid beast that dodges 10% of the time when it’s yours, but 90% when it’s your opponent’s”. A creature that can solo a team or do absolutely nothing in a battle, this member of the RNGsauridae family is extremely annoying and loves to get its critical hits when it doesn’t need to.


This is an intensively aggressive and intelligent hybrid… even though it occasionally feels stupid when it bumps into a Swap in Invincibility… But in general, Indominus Rex is a powerful and scary creature… even though it eventually becomes less of a threat than it looks and does not do justice to its movie appearance… But still, it has dangerous genocidal tendencies and thirst for blood with its 20% critical chance… even though that can be easily halted by shields, which makes its fans frequently beg for a defense shattering move.


A hybrid between a war tank and your worst nightmare, Trykosaurus takes pride in being capable of taking down opponents without making any offensive freaking move. It laughs in the face of defense focused creatures, since it can defend itself better than most of them while shattering their armor into pieces. Who needs a tank when you have a Tryko?


The crest on Tenontorex’s head comes from the Tyrannolophosaurus DNA, even though it inherits most of its appearance from Tenontosaurus. But don’t let that silly goat-looking face fool you. Although it’s classified as a herbivore hadrosaurid, it can inexplicably crush enemies with defense shattering moves and 20% critical chance. Scientists are still trying to figure out how the hell something like this is possible.



This emerald green superfreak is a force to be reckoned with. Its 40% critical chance and instant damaging move can take down enemies even when distracted. Not to say it’s not strategic, but nowadays, if properly boosted, you can actually start a battle with Thoradolosaur, put the phone in your pocket and still win with moves randomly selected by your crotch.


While researchers were expecting Diloracheirus to bear the Dilophosaurus trademark frill, this superhybrid instead ended up looking like some kind of weird mutated green chicken. Despite of that, it has an overwhelming moveset. So if your opponents don’t take it down fast, they’re in for a rampage fiesta.



Some experts compare the Dracoceratops to a sewer rat. The comparison suits the hybrid since it loves the constant use of “cheese strategies”. A creature so dull that can’t actually do battle. It throws a sucker-megapunch with its Swap in Defense Shattering Rampage, then regenerates and swaps out (seriously, who came up with this crap?). Dracoceratops also seems to have immunity… to nerfs.


Diorajasaur means “Doubled Tryk…” I mean, “Doubled Rajasaurus”. This incredible and (now) strong superhybrid is more powerful than either the predatory Rajasaurus or the herbivorous Tuojiangosaurus. Some might say the recent changes in its moveset lacks creativity, but do you want it to be creative or do you want it to win battles?


I appreciate the time you put in and the good laugh! Thanks!!


Waiting on Rinex :grinning:



This swift hybrid gets less and less swift by the day, but still does its job of being annoying by totally relying on evasion. It is more aggressive than Gallimimus, which doesn’t mean much since it’s as fragile as its component nowadays. It can use its impressive cranial crest for communication and intimidation. Unfortunately it can’t do anything to protect itself from constant nerfs.


When someone had the idea to give Cloak to one of the fastest Unique creatures in the game, with immunity and 20% critical chance, amazingly no one present at the time said “no”. And then Erlidominus was born. This stealthy predator can solo whole teams with a little bit of luck and the only reason we don’t see more of it as a starter in battles is because many prefer to keep it safe and ready to exterminate a certain rat.


Magnapyritor comes from the Latin for “Great Fire”, which is appropriate since it looks like a freaking beast from hell. This superhybrid has become one of the strongest creatures in the game after months of requests for a buff. Today, with the implement of boosts, it can utterly annihilate teams and probably causes some regrets for those buff requests.


Haha, love it!


I nominate this as the funniest thread on the Forum… it could cheer me up despite the sorry state of the arena… and that’s truly something.



That was the idea :smile:



This thing that looks like a pissed off Dracorex matches the survivability of the Draco with the intelligence of a Raptor. Its unique coloring helps to intimidate its opponents, though it’s more likely that they are more intimidated by its high attack power and diverse moveset. Despite being a strong Unique creature, many believe its component, Utasinoraptor, is better. Maybe that’s why it’s pissed.


Love this kind of creativity! Well done :+1:


Why do I have a feeling, other than OP uniques and a certain unique which got reduced in creativity to the point of a blank paper (looking at you, Diorajasaurus), there are only three legendaries, and two of them are memes… And then there is Indominus… Am I right that you included that one as 2nd described creature because of a certain forumer with heavy Indominus obsession? :joy::rofl::wink: WINK WINK

Either way, this is so funny.

Also, excuse me while I go into the corner crying over the fact how winning battles with Diorajasaurus is more important than a fun kit… Oof, right in the feels :joy::rofl::sob::sob::sob:


The priority are meta-creatures and any funny ones that I can think of :joy:

I just posted Utarinex, but it got hidden… let’s see if they allow it.

EDIT: There you go, thanks.


My girlfriend and I read this and were laughing pretty hard. This was a great read! So hilarious. Thank you for this. Made my day. So many good ones and so much truth. Gosh I hope Ludia developers or whoever made the game read this.


Thanks for the laugh




The Suchotator is a spinosaurid hybrid and the hero we deserve. With its bleeding attack and high HP, it can be an enormous pain to any opponent, from Common to Unique creatures, that don’t have Immunity. No one really knows where it got the rest of its moveset from, since its components can’t do any of that, but no one cares and no one wants it to change.


It’s believed the enormous defensive spikes of this superhybrid (that don’t actually defend anything) may also have sensory capabilities similar to the spines of a sea urchin. The purpose of such a trait is still unknown… And it’s also unknown how this information is relevant. But anyway, Tuoramoloch can be a good asset to a team, even though it’s one of those “kind of useful but could be better” creatures.


I thought Erlidomimus was born when a mommy Indominus Rex and a Daddy Erlikosaurus loved each other very much…is my life a lie?


Hahaha, I love it! :rofl: Keep 'em coming!


Thank you for this thread. This may not be the dinodex that we want, but it is the dinodex we need!


This. I fricking love this. Those should be the cannon descriptions. Well done sir.