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About this week Epic Pterasaurs


Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage? :wink:

I’ve just realize that Alanqa and Pteranodon have the their own specific role which to protec for Alanqa and to attac for Pteranodon

so which one you all go after? I personally like Pteranodon but Alanqa has her own Hybrid, really hard to desire tho.


I bought the Pteranodon incubator so all my attempts will be used for the Alanqa.


I’m going for Alanqa.


even if you didnt buy the pterodon incubator go for alanqa. it is an arena 9 exclusive and the hybrid is arguably stronger than tragodistis


Just opened a 24 hour battle incubator and was rather pleased to get some very good DNA including enough to create and level-up “Alan” :smile: Lots of Quetzalcoatlus too. Now have …

Alanqa, Epic L12
Quetzalcoatlus, Rare L11
Arambourgiania, Rare L10
Hatzegopteryx, Common L9
Tupandactylus, Rare L9
Dsungaripterus, Rare L6

No incubators purchased.

I know what I’ll be targeting this weekend.