About this weekend tournament, what we have so far



And SPEED TIES… I don’t know exactly how many topics ans posts we have that suggest changes on speedties, but we need to keep talking about them until something is done… The Internet connection is a lot better in some countries than it is on others, that makes them always win speed ties against poor connection countries…
Set a timer and let rng decide who goes first, at least 50% chance is better than a 0%


Completly,I really hope ludia will soon going bankrupt and sell their game to someone more competent.
We have been asking for speedstie for years now.

About andrewsarchus,he is not so good.really strong yes but defeatable.
Diplodocus and wooly rhino on the other hand need to be treated:Divide hp of rhino by 2 ,his attack aswell and reduce his speed to 100 until it is properly fix.


omg, thankyou for reminding me to use andrewsarchus,

my team is allo g2, sino, rhino, lion, erlik, pyro, boa, diplodocus: what should i replace for it

we might not want that if they sell it to EA, those guys will just throw the game away and at least we get updates from ludia.

I don’t think EA can be worst than ludia.
They are both incompetent,don’t care in their community ,have a really bad communication and are money grabers.

For your team: Rhino is a must,and diplodocus aswell.For the rest,follow this guide.

yes but as soon as they think it wont be a money maker anymore, ea will abandon it while ludia doesnt have many other options so it has to stick with it, thats what they did with battlefront 2 just as it got good

You know,it is pointless to number the fails of EA.
I know them all.
I used to hesitate to build battlefield 1 and 5.
Since it became EA product,i keep my money.

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so i should use diplodocus, lion, wooly rhino, blue, concavonator, titanboa, acro or allo g2 (which one is better), and edaphosaurus

Personally i run :
Blue,concavenator,diplodocus,wooly rhino,Marsupial lion,titanoboa,Andrewsarchus and baryonyx.
Andrewsarchus is not this good ,so i haven’t decide yet if i continue with it.
And i think they have done a mistake with concavenator:He is the weakest part of my team.

so blue, diplodocus, lion, wooly rhino, boa, acro, allo g2, erlik

acro can be a good choice,alloG2 aswell.erliko?i am not sure

is sino better

Speed ties are here to stay. :woman_shrugging:

Then the complains aswell.

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I stopped at Battlefield 4. Still play it and love it. Won’t touch the more recent junk

Same,the 4 was awesome.

Pretty much the rhino tournament. I got sick of it honestly. I made top 250 yesterday but woolly rat has irritated me to the point I called it.

I really wish they’d have a ban list, because some of these things way overpower the entire rest of the roster.

It really just needs a damage nerf. It does too much damage on swap in. A nerf to 1300 would be enough imo. Since It doesn’t have Dig in it’s fair to have more damage than ceratopsians. It isn’t fun having to worry every time your dino has 1500 HP, the tournament starts to revolve around thinking about this rhino all the time.

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Andrewsarchus is actually fine, It gets easily killed by any cunning creatures and kill tanks as It needs to, the issue is that people use very few cunning dinos since it’s too risky when they have low HP and a simple swap will end them on turn 2. Woolly rhino does need a damage nerf, it’s so opressive that it’s one of the main reasons people barely use cunning creatures. I’m guessing 1300 is enough.


To beat wolly i use andrew, titanoboa, gryposuchus, marsupial, also could use allo, acro, edapho, secodonto, it stays 2 turns after a swap so it’s pretty much death,

To me the real problem it’s titanoboa, it’s so bulky and has so much attack and speed, barely something can kill it in 2 turns, so far scutosaurus is my best opcion

andrew i’m liking. highish speed with no escape makes it a decent revenge killer and set up.
Trying sono, but so far it’s only been pulled once for battle.
Acro and Toodon are in sancs right now, so i can’t try them out.

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