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About to delete the game!


I was 3 wins out of Sorna marshes last night and am now back sitting at 3299😡 also my Indominus Rex is at 23 and I cloak and a lesser Rex cloaks and every time I cannot do any damage and then get taken out!!!

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Indominus is always a gamble and mean bigger difference between lowest and highest trophies. I benched mine a month ago. Try hit opponent Indominus and then cloak.


Whenever i face another indom… i was impact the first turn… and i try not to win the speed race.
If they cloak on turn 1 then on turn 2 i cloak. They have a 50% shot of hitting me but next turn i have 100% chance to hit them.
If they dont cloak on turn one i am pressing the rampage spot before the animations have finished playing out hoping to win the speed race and cause ive already let them win the first turn easy they expect to win the second turn.

I win most mirror matches using this strategy.


You are putting all your eggs in one basket, in other words, your Irex is too high level compared to your other dinos. I never use my Irex and am between 4000-4500 trophies.

Stop using Irex or stop fighting Irex with Irex. Learn to counter it with other dinos without gambling. Instead use strategy and learn how the game works.

Your megalosuchus, for example, can be swapped in. Then use ferocious. When they cloak, you use shield. Put more dinos with shield in your team. Their Irex will stand no chance most of the time.


Why would you level I-rex past 20? Do you already have a maxed out indoraptor?

If you rely on randomnes you will have streaks of bad luck. Rely on skill and you will improve your results.


Don’t rely on cloaks, that’s your problem. Get some nullifiers on your team or a dino with a shield. Stegod and Tragod are great against i-rex. Megalosuchus is ok, it can take a hit if its shield is up, not as well as a tank though.
Shouldn’t of leveled your i-rex so high either, indo is much more versatile and you waisted A LOT of much needed dna on your i-rex that could of leveled your indo.
What level is your trex at also? 20 I hope, you used a lot of rex dna with that irex of yours too.


you have a long way to go with your team levels and not sure where you are on creating uniques. id suggest get a stegodeus in there and everytime you are confronted by irex swap in your deus and press shield right away. nothing wrong with a overlevelled irex, mine is lvl 24 almost 25. just gotta learn when to use it.


Also, you have a Megalosuchus. One of the best Indom counters. If you encounter an other Indom - switch to it.


I was thinking of leveling indom to get it back on my team, but decided against it. When I used it I never relied on cloak and only used it for the damage after. My indor is a 26 and same thing, don’t rely on evade, but use it when it is near death anyway as a final last hope. No rage quitting allowed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just noticed all the coins and cash you’ve got.
You’re a level 16, have all that money and don’t get the grasp of countering the most balanced dino on the game(i-rex). Then complain about it.

What’s that old saying?
“School yourself before you wreck yourself”

Or something like that.

I’m lvl 17 and been yoyoing back and forth between ruins and lockwood for two months now, I’ve also stopped spending money on the game. You’re clearly doing something wrong.


I used to get super frustrated when rng didn’t work in my favor until I stopped counting on it to win a battle. Getting crits works the same way, have to do the math without the possibility and when it happens it’s a bonus.


I was two points from temporarily making the top 500 last night but my slots were full. Hoping to get there today, but may not and that’s ok. Losing is just part of the game.


Your team is not strong enough for the next level. You were hitting good RNG and were higher than you should have been.

Don’t use I-Rex in battle unless a last resort. I love to see my opponent use I-Rex to start as it means I’ve practically won the battle already. Even if cloak is successful and DSR beats me, my next Dino will knock him out and we are back to even strength, 3 on 3

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When opponent starts with Indominus I swap starting dino immediately to Monostego or Stegodeus (if I have them), cause first move is always cloak.


This is why i almost never cloak first with my indom… my first move is always impact because if someone swaps to monostego… my indom is most likely going to kill it next turn with a rampage.

The way people play indom/indo first and spend their first turn using cloak/evasive is so much and its such a bad move most of the time… with indo sometimes ill use strike first to save clensing for turn two.


I seen you has megalo, why not use it rather than indo? He has more speed and shield and counter indo very well.

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Don’t. 1.6 release notes (may) come soon.

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