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Maybe it’s me not getting correctly how it works, but when I use Tuoramoloch I have noticed this :
Recarga in Spanish means COOLDOWN and even when it says 2 turns , its actually 4 after usin this hit . Here some pics. Could you please explain.


Retraso means delay. And recarga means cooldown.
It is working as intended and as always have been (4 turns cooldown or recarga).
But that’s a change they did this days on the text. We all speculate about it being true, meaning a huge buff to all dinos that have this move.
Esta funcionando bien, y siempre fue 4 turnos de recarga. Ludia cambio el texto y ahora dice 2 turnos. Lo cual significaria que todos los dinos que tengan este ataque se verán afectados por esto y está buenísimo. Dinosaurios cómo monostego y otros van a ser muy usados en la próxima actualización si esto es cierto.


Yep, you are right I ment RECARGA

good to know it is being changed, I have always tought 4 turns is way too much, specially because Tuora doesn’t have anticipation nockout and none of its hits are too strong for a UNIQUE dino.

Thanks for the clarification

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