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About Update 1.11!

Nice one! Especially for the tools! Just being able to see when was the last time the player was online helps a lot! The option for PVP and Friendly teams, very useful as well. The multifusion, THANK YOU, FINALLY! We’ve been waiting for this for so long! Just saved 10 minutes of my time! And the battle messages and emotes, OMG, I’m laughing so hard! Sure, that’s because so far I’ve only won. I’m sure this will maximize my rage soon as well but still, good one! XD

Still need to get and test the new creatures, but I think I can say it’s been a while since we had such a good update! At least in terms of usefulness. And of course, being able to send my speedsters back on a match with half their HP and no fear of being ratted makes everything better!!

Still some things that need improvement, but in general THIS is how updates should always be!


Yeah, I’m definitely seeing more speedsters around.

Just noticed that now we can choose a creature from all our arsenal to do the strike towers. Another good change!

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So far it seems I can get used to Maxima no longer having the definite rampage. Still kicking, even though now it’s more of a draco bait than the chickens.

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Scents do in fact attract park spawns again. Just got a turtle and pteradon from an epic scent. :+1:t2:

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I went on my Allaince and saw quite a few people who hadn’t been online for longer than a week. I started kicking them out pretty quick. Loving the new online feature.

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@Sean_Sperry in mine there were some too, but when I refreshed, it showed differently. Careful not to make mistakes x)

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I went and restarted a few times to make sure. Quite a few made sense since they never talked in the chat or even left Requests.

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Yeah, Ludia warned that it may not be able to see correctly until some time has passed from the update.

I really like being able to set up multiple teams for various battles. It was such a pain to have to go in and remove/add all 8 dinos every time you want to battle/friendly/tourney.

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I can’t wait to use that for tournament! No more “Oops, I forgot my Tournament team on” or “Darn, my poor opponent…” (although one time I tried to take it easy on someone that seemed to have forgotten their T team on of rares and commons … turns out they were hiding a gigantic rat)

Awesome new bug. The guy i was facing pulled out dsung and this is what i saw for the next minute.

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Frozen in fear!

Oh well, new bugs always come with new updates xD

Not that she’s weak, but I still want it back though

My favorite part


Wow looks like kabab LoL

So many good news, it’s hard to remember them all x)

Can anyone low level player confirm if the alliance reward changes were actually implemented at all? I’m level 20 so can’t tell as the rewards show as they normally do.

I’m level 19 and saw them exactly as before, no change. Although I didn’t know about the stars

Whoa, that’s one huge bird!