About VIP


Hi everyone,
I’m a big fan of Jurassic world alive and I’m looking at getting the VIP membership however before I commit I would like to know more about what you would get each day/month.
Can anyone help me out please?



When you get the VIP you get the following benefits :

  • On buy, you get an epic incubator
  • You can launch your drone up to 200m against 150m in normal use
  • When you spin supply drops, you get more items (you get one from the VIP pool) making it easier to earn hard cash
  • It increases your daily limit both for cash and coins. For example at level 8 you can earn no more than 3700 coins each day. With VIP, you can earn up to 7400. It needs a lot of spin though
  • You get some new deals in market


Quakeur you are WRONG you get only ONE free incubator and thats it . Its not one free per month its one and that is. Other if you want you have to buy just like non vip players


Edited. It’s not clear from their helpshift but I don’t get to the end of the first month so I take your words :wink:


Spun 40 supply drops since getting VIP and I have only got the hard cash one once. :roll_eyes:


It worth it if you spin a lot of stops, I would say a hundred per day. Without VIP I never had cash at all but now I can hit the daily limit every day. Sometimes you get lucky and can have three in a row, and sometimes it takes 50 to get the first one


I hit daily cash every single day; spinning 50+ supply drops at least (2h bike tour around my neighborhood). 50 cash a day keeps the wallet away, tm. :joy:

Battery is also extended; it seems non-VIP has to wait before catching more dinosaurs, which VIP doesn’t have to + can catch longer with more range.

As for the daily gold: i get about 5-10K a day but i never ever reach the max (i’m level 11) so at higher levels you pretty much have to spend entire days outside just to hit the cap for gold.

Also; you will have special deals; cash deals. Example they did; instead of 500 cash for 25.000 gold it was reduced to 300 for 30.000, for example. Not sure about the numbers anymore but you get the idea; VIP deals!

Maybe something changes in 3 days as official launch will be announced but so far those are the benefits. Imo for anyone playing daily, on a regular basis; definitely worth it!


Its definitely worth it at least just to get the epic incubator. I got 2 rates and an epic from mine with enough DNA to collect all of em


Just wanted to note here that I am not a VIP and have no form of waiting period. :slight_smile:


Then im slightly confused why certain players keep mentioning they need to ‘recharge’ their drone / battery if they want to catch multiple dinosaurs. Oh well thanks for the note; i guess they mean that range has less battery of smth.


It seems that this was the case in the Beta version. They removed the battery thing for drones