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‘Above Syndicate’ guild w/ highest trophy count is recruiting!

‘Above Syndicate’ a competitive and fun guild is recruiting. We currently have the highest trophy count of any guild I’ve seen. We are in the process of replacing inactive players. Check us out and click the join button :slight_smile:

What’s your trophy count out of curiosity.

Well I give them credit they are over 146k which is more than my guild. But they also have a few players currently over 5,000 with donation counts of Zero so if the leaderboard is correct they are inactive using old totals.

You are correct StandingWarrior. Take those inactive players and replace with actives that have 2000+ trophies and I believe we would still have highest trophy count :slight_smile:

We are a friendly guild with mostly actives who request and donate. It’s a very fun and positive atmosphere :slight_smile:

At some point they will roll out Guild Battles we will know then.

Again you are correct StandingWarrior! I look forward to that day.

Current trophy count is 148k…

We have picked up a few new members already. Come join an active and competitive guild!

That is really high. That’s almost 3k a person.

That is an impressive count.

What are the donations counts like? I know they aren’t working 100% these days yet

We have a lot of requests and donations flowing daily. Very friendly and supportive guild.

Wait now I remember why your screen name is familar. You joined our guild for about a day then left saying you needed to start your own guild. How did you get a guild going so quickly and already have top players who are inactive? You must be the Lex Luthor of Waterdeep :slight_smile:

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You are welcome to join our guild StandingWarrior :slight_smile:

The guild I’m in has 138k trophies. Your pretty confident you have everyone else beat. You get support to look at all guilds?

Don’t take that question to seriously. I’m just having some fun.

I know you were just teasing him, but for the record

I’m loyal Greenwave. Fergie accepted me Day One so I’m WreckingCrawl for life! That’s just how we’re raised in Baltimore where I’m from.

/wave Tyr :slight_smile:

Top guilds by current trophy count are…

Above Syndicate
Legendary Companions

…at least from what I’ve seen. We are all very close in trophy count /cheers

StandingWarrior I took your multiple replies on this recruitment post as interest in joining Above Syndicate.


As long as it players download faster then others get tired and delete. Plenty of room for lots of great guilds