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Abruptly kicked out of Arena

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Bug Description: I was at the beginning of an Arena match and both my opponent and I had taken one turn, but then I got a flash of a pink screen for 1 to 2 seconds and it shifted to a screen that said “Your match has timed out.”

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug: Play the game.
Step 1- Open the game.
Step 2 - Go to Arena.
Step 3 - Push “Battle.”
Step 4 - Select attack.
Step 5 - Be surprised that your attack hit the app instead of the opponent.
Step 6 - Give thanks that it was just a stunning strike; if it was a Defense Shattering Rampage, your phone would have exploded.
Step 7 - Fill in this bug report.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Once so far, but shouldn’t even once be enough to take a look into it?

What type of device are you using: Android Velvet something-or-other.

Anything else? Didn’t think to take a screenshot of the final screen as the timeout screen isn’t unique to this issue.

This bug has been around for ever but your play-by-play cracked me up :joy:

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Hello Poxinabox! I’m sorry to hear that happened. It’d be helpful if you could please contact our team directly at with your support key and as much information as you can.


Edit to add: lost trophies on reboot as well

Thanks! I sometimes moonlight as a particularly-lame comedian in my online time so this makes me feel great!

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