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Absolute trash premium incubator

Can not believe what garbage I just got out of that incubator! Give or take it costs $70 and wow! Not one dino I want to upgrade and or need. What kind of sick joke… I’m ending my subscription with ludia. YOU DO NOT KEEP COSTUMERS THIS WAY.


Why did you buy it???

It’s been reported countless times that they are a rip off.




Rule #1 about incubators.
Don’t buy incubators.
The worst part is looking at that 3 Binding Creatures Epic incubator on sale in the store…
And knowing all I would get is Brachi and just enough Ourano for a fuse, for the low low price of 15K cash!


Lol, why did you even get it. Literally everyone knows they’re not worth it ever.


Who on earth spends more money on an upgrade of a virtual item in a game than any other game costs in total? Was it even worth it if you did get the dinos you wanted? No! It’s a ripoff, just by the price tag alone.

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I do not understand why someone buys an incubator that costs 10,000 tickets and gives less than 1000 epic DNA.

With that money you can buy 10 epic flavors, which on average will give you 4 epics each, which means 40 epics. Assuming you do 130 in each shot (I wanted to put very little) we would talk about 5200 epic DNA and, since you can choose where to open them, you can almost secure the DNA that you want. For example, if you want Erlidominus and you open 10 overnight capsules in zone 1, it is very possible that you will find more than 1000 Erli DNA.

But, in addition, these incubators will allow you to collect 160 rare and common creatures from that area.

And if what you’re looking for is some rare concrete (not exclusive sand), you could get more than 200 rare creatures from the area you want with 50 rare capsules, more than 30,000 rare focused DNA.


Add to that, boosts look like they may be purchasable with hard cash.

Also add to that the fact arena incs can be sped up (a ton of them for this cost) which offer exclusive DNA.

However I feel that the OP may be complaining about a free inc anyway.

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Right, I did not want to talk about the boosts because I hope they disappear :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by “zone 1”? Is there a list of what types of dinosaurs perfer what type of zone? How many zones are there? How do I find out where zone boundaries are?

Thanks… I’m new to the game.

Read that… there is no in game way of telling when zones start of stop so identifying the common spawns from each zone is the best way to tell.


Incubators in the store are usually garbage and I have never understood why Ludia has never made any improvements. A gold mine basically sits there with no development needed, just some minor more marketable changes to make a lot of profit. Sorry you had a bad experience, I think we all learned the hard way.

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I remember when people used to say they made incubators like that so the game wasnt pay to win.



If they made the incubators cost 1/3rd of what they do now, players with more sense then money might consider buying them.

No I wouldn’t. Even then a scent would be more generally productive for me

For me it’s not the price, but the gamble.
I would pay it for Diplo.
If they sold 100% diplo without the garbage I would buy it.
I do not bet on 33% odds.


I have bought them when dino bucks and coins were included. At least if the dna is basically free there is less chance of being disappointed.


Dude you got what you paid for. Random DNA. You’re the one who bough it

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