Absolutelly need more gold economy


Is impossible to keep upgrading dinos and having so little gold, the gold we get from stops shuold scale of the player level, just pls, se need so much more gold, otherwise this is stale and boring waiting a week for a dino level


I agree but this is a freemium game that’s the point they want you to get annoyed and spend real money


The gold you get from stops DOES scale with player level. Both the quantity per spin and cap allowed per day. VIP doubles the cap.


I barely play anymore because of the coin issue. Not grinding for hours a day for 1 week just to hope i have enough coins to level 1 dino i need.


I have been playing pretty much every day since it was released and I hardly have trouble with my gold. Maybe you need to chill on the game if you are already running out of gold. Playing a free game /that/ much is fine but to complain about something that is meaningless and a neat time waster seems off to me.


Umh, since im not the only one thinking the same i think that something should be done…right now i cant even upgrade the dinos i use, and i didnt waste a lot of gold on random dinos


Yeah but it doesnt change much from lvl1, and at lvl 8 i need a lot of gold to try to lvl up dinos and having fun getting hibryds